Back To 32 School!

Start the school year off right – Build a 32 School Market!


Now, operators have a new range of potential clients! Do you know of any school districts facing budget cuts? Are there schools that need improvement? Replace a school’s kitchen with a market!

We’re doing it! Ask us how!

Check out 32SchoolMarket … a provision of Three Square Market and
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Increase Your Market Revenue With These Tools:

There are many tools available to you as a Three Square Market Operator that you may not be using to the fullest potential!

Business man well-dressed with tool kit

Did you know:

  • You can generate residual sales before you even open your market! By offering an immediate credit to anyone that registers a new account you not only bypass down time at the kiosk due to new users signing up on opening day, but you also encourage their first purchase and return patronage. On top of that initial amount, extend an additional $ credit to anyone that funds their account prior to opening day! (Example: “Anyone that funds their account with $20 or more, before opening day of the market will receive an additional $3.00 credit to their account!”)
  • You can extend a discount percentage to all users, for any range of days that you specify!  You can even choose how you want to extend that discount – whether it’s to promote the mobile apps available, just at the kiosk, or both!
  • You can advertise sales for items you want to push, right on the kiosk screen!
  • You can offer a loyalty program that extends a percentage or dollar amount credit to account users that deposit a specified dollar amount!
  • You can create pre-paid discount cards that on-site human resource departments can hand out as employee appreciation rewards!

Other tactics for increasing your Market’s revenue can be:

  • Updating your store layout! Check out your month’s best sellers list and place like items nearby your best sellers.
  • Pair your best sellers with your worst sellers! Offer a discount on the overall packaged items if a person buys a best seller (something they are already doing) get your worst seller at a discounted rate!
  • Add the suggestion button to your kiosk screen and encourage your customer to use it! Ask for suggestions on products they would like to buy!

For more information on these tools available at or a personal training session please sign up at 

OR email (, to set up an appointment!

16 Easy Steps to Being a Successful Operator


You want to be successful in markets, right out of the gate, at each and every site?  Follow this plan.  It isn’t rocket science but you MUST do each step on each store.  You miss one and it likely leads to breaking down of the others.

  1. Have presence during opening days at all breaks/lunches for all shifts.  Also, have give-aways such as 20 oz. sodas for depositing funds, buying an item, etc.  Having presence to ensure people understand how to use the kiosk is critical in the first few days.
  2. Blast emails 10 days prior to opening, banners, payroll inserts, etc., to publicize the opening.
  3. Have a sample day a few days prior to opening your store and get your clients excited about what is coming.
  4. Use signage in the market that looks similar to the Barnes and Noble site that you would find in a retail store.
  5. Seek someone at each location who can straighten up the market once daily in exchange for a weekly $10 credit to their account. The $10 weekly is far less than what it would cost in labor time and gas to have someone at the market keep it in order daily.
  6. Set initial pars accurately based upon what products are likely to sell and space available/allocated for each product.  Typical best sellers in vending will still be best sellers in a market.  You will have a good improvement in fresh food sales, bigger packages, vegetables, yogurt, etc., but again, items that have shelf life issues should not be overstocked or have inflated pars.
  7. Make sure your products in the store as you open it, are what your clients will eat.  If there is a strong segment of employees who have a taste for Mexican, Asian or other types of cuisine, ensure your product list includes this and is on the shelves when you open.
  8. Use the system to create your first store order for each site.
  9. Take a spot inventory on each delivery of best-selling items.
  10. Receive your store order EVERY time it is delivered to the store.
  11. Use the Recommend Pars function after about 3 weeks of buying history has been established.  Ensure that the system is accurate as to how frequently you fill the store on a weekly basis.  Our 32M team will work with you on this.  Make sure you have been trained how to do this.  It will take a good 6 weeks to really be accurate but it will be very close for an operator after only about 3 weeks.
  12. Use the freshness tracker and make sure you are trained on this; this will also be factored in to your recommended par functionality.
  13. Employ the warehouse management functionality if you can separate market inventory from vending inventory.
  14. ALWAYS keep your costs accurate.
  15. Reconcile your cash box using the system.
  16. Use the system when you make inventory adjustments and define why inventory was removed.

Socialize to Success

As a company, using social media can bring in more traffic, connections, conversations, and customers… and ultimately more success! In 2014, 92% of marketers stated that social media was important for their business, according to Hubspot.

social media

Here are 10 reasons why social media marketing is important for YOUR business:

1. Customer Insights

Social media gives you an incredible opportunity to learn about your audience! There are tools that allow you to understand exactly who is viewing your content. See their demographics, locations, devices and browsers they used, patterns that led them to your content and more. You can pin-point your target market, and deliver new content that better addresses their needs.

You can also see what customers think about your company. Read comments! People are not afraid to speak their minds on social media. It is a great resource for instant feedback. If someone has an issue, use the opportunity to comment back and mend the customer relationship. If someone really enjoys your service or product, let them know you appreciate the recognition and offer them more.

2. New Customers

Finding new customer is a cinch! Search keywords related to your business to find people already talking about it – you can invite them to try your service or products.

Having your company talked about on social media can expand your click-throughs like wildfire! One person you know might mention your products, which will be seen and possibly talked about by one of their connections and one of their connections and so on… The sooner you begin, the sooner your audience will grow. Make sure to reach out to anyone clicking through to your website – start the conversation!

GrowFBfans3. Brand Recognition, Authority & Loyalty

Social media ultimately increases your visibility. The more you are out there for people to see, the more people will recognize your brand. This one is simple!

When people post on social media about your brand, other potential customers will follow you. The more your brand is talked about, the more authoritative and valuable it will seem.

Increase your brand loyalty by building customer relationships. Social media is a platform that allows you to appreciate recognition and resolve dissatisfaction. By proving to customers that you really care about them and are a “good” company, they will choose to purchase from you again.

4. Conversions

Every single post, tweet, status, picture, comment, etc. can lead to a click-through to your website and a conversion. Every opportunity matters! Using social media is an excellent source for humanizing your company. Your company gets to act like a person and people like to work with people.

5. Website Traffic

Without social media, the majority of people looking at your website are already familiar with it. Every profile you create is another path back to your website. Make sure you post quality content and use keywords and tags to increase your viewers and your website traffic.

FreeWebsiteTraffic6. SEO

Search engines calculate rankings using social media as a significant factor! Since most strong brands use social media, your company becomes more credible when you use it too. However, it isn’t enough to simply have profiles. Again, you need to post quality content and use keywords and tags.

7. Competitor Intelligence

Gain insights on your competitors by searching them on social media. Learn not just about their products and services, but also about their upcoming events, their marketing strategy and their customer relationships. Having this knowledge gives you the ability to make strategic decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

chess418. Fast & Easy Content

Creating and sending out emails, mail, newsletters, etc. might be important to your business, but it isn’t exactly quick! Post content instantly on social media. Quit wasting time and get your company out there, now.

9. Low Marketing Cost

Social media is FREE. Yes, there are options to pay for additional advertising and plans, but you can get started for no cost at all! Once you get a better idea of your voice and expectations from social media, you can begin to increase the budget and conversions.

The labor cost can be low, as well. An article on Hubspot said that 84% of marketers found as little as 6 hours of effort per week to be enough to increase traffic. Create meaningful, quality content for only about 1 hour each day and you will see results.

low-cost-marketing-plan10. Loss is Insignificant

Your company really has nothing to lose by using social media. Time and money spent is minimal. When used correctly, social media marketing leads to more traffic, conversions and success!

Check out our resources: Hootsuite and Forbes

For more insights, go to our website at
& Let’s get social!


Version 2 Is Almost Here!!


Update to Version 2 and look forward to:

Speedier checkout!

Better appearance!

A more robust transaction approval mode!

And much more!

Update will be released to your market between:

September 1st – October 1st

You will receive an email from via DocuSign within the next 24 hours.

Please review and complete the document with your electronic signature to begin using Transaction Approval Mode.

To activate this feature, we ask that you complete the agreement by August 31, 2015.

Thank you!


Please email us at


What The Heck Is A Micro Market???


You might have heard 32M use the term “Micro Market”. This term has been confusing clients and customers (and even our own employees) for too long! From now on, we will only refer to our Three Square Markets as “Break Room Markets”.

We took a recent survey, where we walked around a few busy streets and asked people, “Do you know what a micro market is?”

The most common responses were:

  • A really tiny market?
  • Something on the computer?
  • I have no clue!! (There may or may not have been some colorful words added…)

Then, we asked the same people, “What is a break room market?” Almost every person responded correctly: A market in a break room for employees to purchase from.

To avoid any more confusion, we are making the switch from “micro” to “break room”!
Check out how you can start or improve your own break room market by clicking onto our website!

Break Room Market Myths

Three Square Market is here to set the record straight!

Take a look at these popular break room myths… and then the truth!


Break Room Markets are just a bunch of vending machines.

MYTH! You might see a vending machine in a break room, but break room markets typically include coolers, freezers, shelving and other displays. Unlike vending machines, 32M custom kiosks give employees the ability to purchase many items on a single transaction.

Break Room Markets are convenience stores.

MYTH! Break room markets are focused more closely on a select group of customers. Products are limited to their specific needs and wants.

It’s not healthy to eat food from a Break Room Market.

MYTH! Break Room markets actually offer a multitude of healthy products! Three Square Market provides operators with our state-of-the-art software and freshness-tracker to keep food fresh and fully stocked with the most popular, healthy products!


Break Room Markets are the same as the self-checkout lines in grocery stores.

MYTH! 32M does provide a self-checkout method. However, we are so much more than a self-checkout line – In fact, there are no lines necessary in a Three Square Market! Our mobile application offers employees the option to check out without waiting for anyone.

You have to sign up and make payments to use a Break Room Market.

MYTH! Employees can checkout purchase-by-purchase – no account necessary. Typically, our kiosks do not give back change from cash purchases. Credit cards are accepted. By creating an account, employees can load as little or as much money as they want, when they want to. This way no change will be lost in purchases and checkout becomes a speedy process!

You have to own a Smartphone to use a Break Room Market.

MYTH! Many employees prefer to use our 32M Smartphone Application, however, our kiosks provide quick, convenient and easy checkout, as well!

Set of touchscreen smartphones
Set of touchscreen smartphones

Employees can easily steal from Break Room Markets.

MYTH! 32M offers a security system that actually makes it extremely hard for anyone to steal without being caught. We closely keep track of inventories, purchase dates and times, account logins, and much more!


To BREAK any other break room myths that you hear, contact us at Three Square Market! We will tell you about what we really do!

Why Go Healthy?!

The number of people trying to live a healthier lifestyle is growing. Typical vending machines in the workplace only offer junk food, significantly decreasing the number of employees who purchase from them. Only 30% of employees use traditional vending methods. Bring in the other 70% with a Three Square Market! 32M offers employees a wide range of products, including a multitude of healthy options! For Operators, it’s helpful to point out to clients the benefits of their employees maintaining healthy diets.

Try talking with your clients about this!

Healthier diets lead to:
  • Weight loss – Employees will gain confidence
  • Improved mood – Happy employees
  • Enhanced immune system to fight illness and disease – Less sick days
  • Boosted energy – More productive employees
  • Improved longevity – Employees can retire because they are ready to, not because they have to


  • Improved strength – Stronger employees
  • Cleared minds – Employees can think and handle stress better
  • Healthy snacks reduce the feeling of hunger – Employees can stay focused on their work
  • Employees’ bodies can handle more activity
  • Employees will be practicing discipline
  • Stimulated brains – Increased brainpower
    • Improved concentration
    • Alertness
    • Improved memory
    • Controlled cravings
    • Better moods


  • Money saved – Fewer medical bills, fewer prescriptions, less money eating out, etc.


The list of benefits for a healthy lifestyle can go on and on! Healthy employees make more effective and efficient employees, which make more successful clients, which make more successful operators – It’s a win-win-win-WIN!!
Go to our website to learn more about Three Square Market and the benefits we offer you!

An SEO Overview and How You Can Improve Your Google Ranking!

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is typically divided into two main groups:

  •  On page SEO: Everything on the page. This includes everything from the words in the content you use to all the technical stuff (i.e. the code) like the HTML tags that tell the search engines about your content.  This is all within your control.
  • Off-page SEO: Everything off of the page. This is primarily made of links to your website from other websites. This is not in your control, but you have some ability to influence it.

Why is on page SEO so important? On-page content is what you have complete control over. If you use the right HTML tags and structured data to markup your content, Google will know what you do and where you are.  For example, by using words like “markets,” “vending,” and “break room” you will list higher in the search results for those keywords. Thus, when customers in your area are searching keywords that make sense with your site … they’ll find your business!  To be most effective, think like your customer!

Don’t get too stressed out about the details if you aren’t a website guru! With the advancements in search engines and how websites are rated … your actual content (what you say on your website) is the most important factor in your on-page content.  Make your content clear, concise, and up-to-date and you’re already miles ahead of most websites!

Your SEO will also in some ways be affected by the links that your website is associated with.  For example as an operator or distributor, by providing a link to or your association with these websites will increase your visibility when individuals search for Three Square Market in your area.  Help us – help you by placing our partnership badge on your website!

Off-page SEO can be tricky, but is also one of the most important sources of your ranking power.  Links are about quality, not just quantity. Links to your business from poor websites can actually penalize your search results.  Think of adding links to your website as earning links instead of just collecting as many as possible. You can earn links by creating valuable content that others want to link to.  Social sharing is just one of the ways that you can start increasing your “link-ability.”

A Quick Overview:

  • Thorough, thoughtful and correct content on your website will take you a long way
  • Updating your content regularly will keep you relevant
  • Associations with quality websites can take your website to the top
  • Earn links! Create content people care about. For an easy way to start, begin growing your social circle and sharing what you have to say!