What The Heck Is A Micro Market???


You might have heard 32M use the term “Micro Market”. This term has been confusing clients and customers (and even our own employees) for too long! From now on, we will only refer to our Three Square Markets as “Break Room Markets”.

We took a recent survey, where we walked around a few busy streets and asked people, “Do you know what a micro market is?”

The most common responses were:

  • A really tiny market?
  • Something on the computer?
  • I have no clue!! (There may or may not have been some colorful words added…)

Then, we asked the same people, “What is a break room market?” Almost every person responded correctly: A market in a break room for employees to purchase from.

To avoid any more confusion, we are making the switch from “micro” to “break room”!
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