A One-Stop-Shop

We are here for you … for everything you need for a micro market! Here are a few things that we offer, that you may not know about!

Products for your store! 

We have an entire section of our online store dedicated to “Stocking Your Store!” This category is filled with market worthy options that are proven in many existing 32Market stores.  Products like these can provide you a huge profit and your clients that items they’ve been looking for! Check these options out!


It’s true you can get equipment anywhere … but from 32M we not only have great prices but time tested products that we promise you will love!

Security and Internet!

That’s right, you can pick up these market essentials from our store rather than searching everywhere else. And bonus, we’ve tested them all and know that our options are the best product for you and come with great customer service! (OptConnect and Night Owl  – we’re looking at you!)


Who can forget, Bundles!

Okay, we talk about this A LOT, but seriously, it’s the best price you’ll find anywhere to get your market started …. or add a second location to your already busy market in a large office.

Get your ENTIRE market for just:

Find a better price … we dare you. 🙂

Bottom line, we’re here for you … from the very beginning we put our customers first and always aim to have the best value and best products for our operators. Give it a shot and take a look at our web store: 32MarketStore.com

Plus, our amazing sales people are always just a phone call away …



BrightPick … a warehouse solution for efficient product picking, using lighted displays that specifically integrate with Three Square Market’s intelligent inventory management software. 



“It’s a no-brainer.”

One of the most frequent things we heard while displaying our newest solution at the NAMA One Show 2017 is … “It’s a no-brainer.”

And they’re right!  With the BrightPick and 32M system, orders come in directly from the intelligent inventory software based on store needs and specified fill dates. When your warehouse staff is set to pick your store order the products light up and list quantities for picking. Pickers then collect the products and push the button on the device to complete the pick, moving on from item to item until the order is complete. Prekitting at its finest form.

“Increase your warehouse efficiency and accuracy.”

Using this system in our own warehouses we can tell you we’ve nearly eliminated ‘miss pick’ from our vocabulary!

We developed and added this solution because of demand for an easier process to fulfill warehouse orders.  At 32M, we began this initiative in late 2016, as a means to simplify and solve warehouse picking issues for not only our operators but also ourselves. Like all of our other products and offerings, this system is made completely in-house.

“Simplicity is the goal of this system.”

Set up with the BrightPick system and integration with your stores is easy and efficient. No more struggles to pull all your systems together! It’s flexible, no more struggles with device placement, all BrightPick displays connect easily by ethernet cords making it easy to move devices to necessary locations, limited only by the length of your Ethernet cords!

This system is currently in beta testing to ensure we release the most amazing product for you, with an estimated availability date of September 1st!

Ready to learn more?

Call your salesperson today!

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4 Ways Bundling Will Take You From Great To The GOOAT (a.k.a. Greatest Operator Of All Time)

We see you, Operator! Look at you go all successful and on the rise, making us proud!

But as great as you’re doing, we’re going to help you get to that next level … with bundling! Let’s dig in …

What’s this “bundling” we keep talking about??

We took our top-sellers, strategically created combinations to drive sales in a variety of market spaces, and packaged, or bundled, them together! It’s our one-stop-shop method going one step further. Instead of navigating our website for the items you want, find them all in one place and purchase an entire market in one click!

•The Mammoth Bundle•

Why Bundle?

Bundle for the 4 Bs …

1) Bundling = Benefiting

Bundling is convenient, provides economies of scale, is built for success, and is adaptable.

•Convenient• Operators have multiple needs … Bundles combine multiple solutions into one simple package.

•Economies of Scale• Save money! Bundling saves us money by reducing waste and using fewer materials for packaging. Then we pass our savings along to you by offering a super low price! Get a complete, high-value market at a significantly reduced price.

•Success• We’ve done the thinking for you … We bundled the combinations of products that will best set you up for a successful market. There are bundles made perfect for all market sizes!

•Adaptability• Looking for something in between bundles? Start with a bundle and add individual products as necessary. That way, you’re still saving time and money while also ensuring you get the perfect market for your location.

2) Bundling = Bold

Have confidence! You’re offering the very best markets to your clients – that’s what our bundles are for!

3) Bundling = Balancing

Build a thriving market in one click & still have time to build a thriving personal life. Just think – Instead of taking time to navigate through the web store and decide which combination of products is going to work, you can spend under 5 minutes choosing which complete, packaged market fits best! Use the time you save for YOU.

4) Bundling = Brilliantly unfair

Turn every potential client into a loyal client when you show them what a boss you are … because you spent your time focusing on impressing them while we took care of the market design for you! That’s an awesomely unfair advantage!

Now that you’re on the bundling bandwagon, take a look at them!


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