Meet Our Kiosks!

32Market is proud to offer several different models of kiosks. We understand that each of our customers have unique needs. We want to offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to ensure that our customers are getting exactly what they want. Take a look at each of our kiosks below and visit our website to order a kiosk today!

  1. The Senior Executive Kiosk    Senior Kiosk

    The Senior Executive Kiosk is the newest option in break room technology. This kiosk
    is a full-sized floor standing kiosk. It is made out of powder-coated steel. The Senior Executive has a 22″ and a 19″ touchscreen! It also offers MEI Bill Acceptor, Credit Card Swipe, Bar Code Scanner, In-Kiosk Web Camera, and Biometric Fingerprint Technology.

  2. The Executive Kiosk     Executive kiosk.png

    The Executive Kiosk is our most popular kiosk style. The Executive Kiosk is a full-sized floor standing kiosk. It comes equipped with a 19″ touchscreen, MEI Bill Acceptor, Biometric Fingerprint Technology, Credit Card Swipe, Bar Code Scanner, and an In-Kiosk Web Camera.

  3. The Junior Kiosk Junior Kiosk

    The Junior Kiosk is a half-sized kiosk made of powder-coated steel. It comes ready for wall mount or tabletop usage. the junior kiosk comes with a  19″ touchscreen, MEI Bill Acceptor, Credit Card Swipe, Bar Code Scanner, Biometric Fingerprint Technology and an In-Kiosk Web Camera. The Junior Kiosk is perfect for locations that are looking to save space!

  4. The Tablet Kiosk Tablet Kiosk

    The Tablet Kiosk is equipped with a 12″ touchscreen and enclosed in a powder-coated steel case. This kiosk comes ready for either wall mount or table top usage. The Tablet Kiosk is a cashless kiosk, but it is equipped with Credit Card Swipe, Bar Code Scanner, Biometric Fingerprint technology and In-Kiosk Web Camera. This small kiosk can fit anywhere!

  5. Add Customization customization

    32Market Kiosks are available in the standard colors of 32M blue, white or black. However, we encourage our customers to customize their kiosk since there is no extra charge! This is a chance to get creative, and to make your kiosk unique to you!

Can You Tell Them Apart?

So, you know that markets come in all shapes and size …

But do you know our kiosks come in all shapes and sizes too?!

Employees will love the ease of checkout and adding money to their accounts using our simple website or even our industry best smartphone apps! Using our proprietary checkout kiosks, employees are able to check out in a matter of seconds. Long lines? No problem! Checkout is available on the 32M Smartphone application. Put an individual kiosk in every employee’s hand at no cost!

32M Software is we-based and all kiosks and market layouts come with our industry best inventory management system that ensures the shelves remain stocked and the food remains fresh. Unlike many of our competitors, our kiosk software is updated frequently via the web – giving your kiosk the latest and greatest version at all times!

Take a look at our kiosk options:

32M Mobile App

A kiosk in every hand! With the mobile application all smart phones have the capability of being a personal kiosk.


Tablet Kiosk

The Tablet Kiosk is the smallest kiosk version capable of credit or market account transactions. Available in wall or table mount, perfect for smaller locations or locations in need of a second kiosk at a large location.


Junior Kiosk

The Junior Kiosk is a smaller version of the market kiosk that is fully cash and credit capable, available in a wall or table mount. Perfect for smaller locations that need extra space.


Market Kiosk

The Market Kiosk is the standard kiosk for all locations. Built for Cash, Credit or Market Account transactions. Also available in Cash In/Out version.


Senior Executive & Executive Kiosk

The Senior Executive and Executive kiosk is the latest in Break Room Market Technology. Boasting an option for an additional 22″ promotional screen and standard 19″ touchscreen the Executive kiosk comes standard with Cash In, Credit Card Swipe, Bar Code Reader, In-Kiosk Web Camera and Biometric Fingerprint Technology.


Choose a Custom Color, Add Custom Decals or a Full Wrap to create a kiosk that completely integrates with the design of your current or future break room!

16 Easy Steps to Being a Successful Operator


You want to be successful in markets, right out of the gate, at each and every site?  Follow this plan.  It isn’t rocket science but you MUST do each step on each store.  You miss one and it likely leads to breaking down of the others.

  1. Have presence during opening days at all breaks/lunches for all shifts.  Also, have give-aways such as 20 oz. sodas for depositing funds, buying an item, etc.  Having presence to ensure people understand how to use the kiosk is critical in the first few days.
  2. Blast emails 10 days prior to opening, banners, payroll inserts, etc., to publicize the opening.
  3. Have a sample day a few days prior to opening your store and get your clients excited about what is coming.
  4. Use signage in the market that looks similar to the Barnes and Noble site that you would find in a retail store.
  5. Seek someone at each location who can straighten up the market once daily in exchange for a weekly $10 credit to their account. The $10 weekly is far less than what it would cost in labor time and gas to have someone at the market keep it in order daily.
  6. Set initial pars accurately based upon what products are likely to sell and space available/allocated for each product.  Typical best sellers in vending will still be best sellers in a market.  You will have a good improvement in fresh food sales, bigger packages, vegetables, yogurt, etc., but again, items that have shelf life issues should not be overstocked or have inflated pars.
  7. Make sure your products in the store as you open it, are what your clients will eat.  If there is a strong segment of employees who have a taste for Mexican, Asian or other types of cuisine, ensure your product list includes this and is on the shelves when you open.
  8. Use the system to create your first store order for each site.
  9. Take a spot inventory on each delivery of best-selling items.
  10. Receive your store order EVERY time it is delivered to the store.
  11. Use the Recommend Pars function after about 3 weeks of buying history has been established.  Ensure that the system is accurate as to how frequently you fill the store on a weekly basis.  Our 32M team will work with you on this.  Make sure you have been trained how to do this.  It will take a good 6 weeks to really be accurate but it will be very close for an operator after only about 3 weeks.
  12. Use the freshness tracker and make sure you are trained on this; this will also be factored in to your recommended par functionality.
  13. Employ the warehouse management functionality if you can separate market inventory from vending inventory.
  14. ALWAYS keep your costs accurate.
  15. Reconcile your cash box using the system.
  16. Use the system when you make inventory adjustments and define why inventory was removed.

Reminder! Use your kiosk remote support option first …

In order to allow us the time to properly answer each and every call coming into our headquarters, we ask that you please utilize your kiosk remote support options for initial trouble shooting of your kiosks before calling our customer service team.

You can test your hardware, internet speed and reboot your kiosks remotely both through and through your mobile admin access ( using your phone web browser.  If you have questions on how to do this please call 715-386-2233.

Thank you!

The BreakRoom Market

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Although many individuals in the industry understand the term “Micro Market” and maybe even those around you on a daily basis now understand the term …

However, Micro Market can be misleading to those that do not deal with our industry every day.

What is a Micro Market?  A BreakRoom Market – it can be small or large … really it just needs to fit in the break room and fit that specific break room’s needs.  We encourage you to embrace and use this term “BreakRoom Market” with your end-user clients as it will make a clear distinction, and a clear terminology about the market you plan on providing them!