Why Go Healthy?!

The number of people trying to live a healthier lifestyle is growing. Typical vending machines in the workplace only offer junk food, significantly decreasing the number of employees who purchase from them. Only 30% of employees use traditional vending methods. Bring in the other 70% with a Three Square Market! 32M offers employees a wide range of products, including a multitude of healthy options! For Operators, it’s helpful to point out to clients the benefits of their employees maintaining healthy diets.

Try talking with your clients about this!

Healthier diets lead to:
  • Weight loss – Employees will gain confidence
  • Improved mood – Happy employees
  • Enhanced immune system to fight illness and disease – Less sick days
  • Boosted energy – More productive employees
  • Improved longevity – Employees can retire because they are ready to, not because they have to


  • Improved strength – Stronger employees
  • Cleared minds – Employees can think and handle stress better
  • Healthy snacks reduce the feeling of hunger – Employees can stay focused on their work
  • Employees’ bodies can handle more activity
  • Employees will be practicing discipline
  • Stimulated brains – Increased brainpower
    • Improved concentration
    • Alertness
    • Improved memory
    • Controlled cravings
    • Better moods


  • Money saved – Fewer medical bills, fewer prescriptions, less money eating out, etc.


The list of benefits for a healthy lifestyle can go on and on! Healthy employees make more effective and efficient employees, which make more successful clients, which make more successful operators – It’s a win-win-win-WIN!!
Go to our website to learn more about Three Square Market and the benefits we offer you!

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