Socialize to Success

As a company, using social media can bring in more traffic, connections, conversations, and customers… and ultimately more success! In 2014, 92% of marketers stated that social media was important for their business, according to Hubspot.

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Here are 10 reasons why social media marketing is important for YOUR business:

1. Customer Insights

Social media gives you an incredible opportunity to learn about your audience! There are tools that allow you to understand exactly who is viewing your content. See their demographics, locations, devices and browsers they used, patterns that led them to your content and more. You can pin-point your target market, and deliver new content that better addresses their needs.

You can also see what customers think about your company. Read comments! People are not afraid to speak their minds on social media. It is a great resource for instant feedback. If someone has an issue, use the opportunity to comment back and mend the customer relationship. If someone really enjoys your service or product, let them know you appreciate the recognition and offer them more.

2. New Customers

Finding new customer is a cinch! Search keywords related to your business to find people already talking about it – you can invite them to try your service or products.

Having your company talked about on social media can expand your click-throughs like wildfire! One person you know might mention your products, which will be seen and possibly talked about by one of their connections and one of their connections and so on… The sooner you begin, the sooner your audience will grow. Make sure to reach out to anyone clicking through to your website – start the conversation!

GrowFBfans3. Brand Recognition, Authority & Loyalty

Social media ultimately increases your visibility. The more you are out there for people to see, the more people will recognize your brand. This one is simple!

When people post on social media about your brand, other potential customers will follow you. The more your brand is talked about, the more authoritative and valuable it will seem.

Increase your brand loyalty by building customer relationships. Social media is a platform that allows you to appreciate recognition and resolve dissatisfaction. By proving to customers that you really care about them and are a “good” company, they will choose to purchase from you again.

4. Conversions

Every single post, tweet, status, picture, comment, etc. can lead to a click-through to your website and a conversion. Every opportunity matters! Using social media is an excellent source for humanizing your company. Your company gets to act like a person and people like to work with people.

5. Website Traffic

Without social media, the majority of people looking at your website are already familiar with it. Every profile you create is another path back to your website. Make sure you post quality content and use keywords and tags to increase your viewers and your website traffic.

FreeWebsiteTraffic6. SEO

Search engines calculate rankings using social media as a significant factor! Since most strong brands use social media, your company becomes more credible when you use it too. However, it isn’t enough to simply have profiles. Again, you need to post quality content and use keywords and tags.

7. Competitor Intelligence

Gain insights on your competitors by searching them on social media. Learn not just about their products and services, but also about their upcoming events, their marketing strategy and their customer relationships. Having this knowledge gives you the ability to make strategic decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

chess418. Fast & Easy Content

Creating and sending out emails, mail, newsletters, etc. might be important to your business, but it isn’t exactly quick! Post content instantly on social media. Quit wasting time and get your company out there, now.

9. Low Marketing Cost

Social media is FREE. Yes, there are options to pay for additional advertising and plans, but you can get started for no cost at all! Once you get a better idea of your voice and expectations from social media, you can begin to increase the budget and conversions.

The labor cost can be low, as well. An article on Hubspot said that 84% of marketers found as little as 6 hours of effort per week to be enough to increase traffic. Create meaningful, quality content for only about 1 hour each day and you will see results.

low-cost-marketing-plan10. Loss is Insignificant

Your company really has nothing to lose by using social media. Time and money spent is minimal. When used correctly, social media marketing leads to more traffic, conversions and success!

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