Coffee … the most important “meal” of the day!

DYK: that in the U.S. 54% of adults drink coffee every day?

DYK: that in 2017 the average price for a cup of coffee in the U.S. is $2.70?

DYK: that the total average of money spent on coffee each year by a coffee drinker is $164.71?

30 Million Americans drink specialty beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, etc.

34% of coffee drinkers go to premium coffee places and to get their coffee.

Employees lose 20 to 60 minutes of their work day when they take a coffee run. 

Specialty coffee is an $18B industry in the U.S.

Stats from

Capture those sales in your market by providing specialty coffee single-brew services! Good news is, we’ve already done all of the taste-testing for you … okay, we enjoyed it a little …. maybe A LOT!  But we can proudly say that we’ve partnered with the best!

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Have a little time? Watch this hilarious video by Chris Wauben about his love for coffee!

Stimulate Sales with Selection, Display & Rotation!

In a great blog series about the Four P’s of micro markets from 2016, Tim Sanford and Emily Jed so into great depth to describe and explain each of the P’s as presented by multiple operators at the ACE show in 2015.

The second P stands for Product. We’ll break down the details for you here:

Knowing as we do that micro markets demand a significant increase in products, it’s easy to understand why presenter, James Bourne, says “You need your distributors to understand [micro markets]. Thus, supplier management is an essential component of successful micro market operations.”

The definition of Supplier Managment is the various acts of identifying, acquiring and managing the products and/or resources needed to run your business. 

Current consumer demands and understanding what your specific customers want is imperative to your micro market success. We would suggest that you use and encourage the use of the suggestion button on Three Square Market kiosks.  If you are looking for great suggestions try adding an incentive for products information!

Prevalent Consumer Demands:

Healthier, alternative snacks: Ranging from baked and low-carb selections to gluten-free, organic or all-nature products.  Distributors continue to work to bring these products into the industry, but availability can be difficult to source based on region. Bourne suggests, “Operators can do their homework to compile market information that can persuade a distributor to stock desirable new items.”

Brands Matter: 61% consider their brand of choice to be an important attribute of a snack. 73% of consumers look for a favorite brand when choosing a snack.

Sales Surges: An IRI for calendar years 2011 to 2014

  • Candy 33%
  • Salty Snacks 32%
  • Pastry 16%
  • Meat Snacks 13%
  • Nuts & Seeds 9%

“Bourne emphasized that precise inventory control is essential in micro markets.  Each market should be inventoried at least monthly, and drivers should carry tablet computers with scanners for best, speed and accuracy. Each inventory visit should be followed by preparation of a ‘no scan items’ report, which helps to identify slow-moving items — 15% of market inventory. ‘Watch this,’ he warned. ‘Don’t let your market get sparse; they can’t look unattended.'”

Let us interject here because A) we totally agree and B) Three Square Market has made this process even easier! Check out our intelligent inventory management that will identify each of your products movement/pattern in each market. Also, learn how you can manage your inventory via a smartphone during market visits! 

Planograms are essential to micro markets.  The object being to apportion space to a  product category on the basis of its sales volume. Need a starting point? You can use vending sales as a good place to begin your market planogram and then expand to the added products you’d like to carry.

Bourne said, “Be sure to carry strong local and regional brands, as well as the national best-sellers. … Consumers will search for these products.”

Understanding Placement of Products: (more p’s)

Placement of products in display cases is important. Bourne says, “You should place your top sellers on the bottom shelves,” and goes on to say, “Place impulse, discontinued and high gross-profit items on the top shelves; and put new items at eye level, ideally in the ‘first’ position — closest to the door handle — because that’s where the customer looks first.”

Planograms should be refreshed at least quarterly.  Bourne tells us, “Our goal when we do this is to eliminate 10 to 15 items, and introduce 10 to 15 new ones.”  Updating promotions in accordance with the market refresh can boost sales and invite new market users.

Pre-kitting can not only make your market restock more efficient but also will free up enough time for your driver to check inventory, ensure cleanliness of the market, face market products, and maximize your market potential.

When dealing with portion sizes for your products, Bourne suggests looking at demographics, stating that “Males tend to want large sandwiches; women often want smaller ones … we try to provide something for everyone.”

Fresh Food Programs:

“Bourne emphasized that a good fresh-food program can be essential in realizing the full earnings potential of a micro market. ‘Fresh food represents 30% of overall sales,’ he reported.”

Fresh food in your micro market is shown to draw added customers to your market and can lead to the increased value of the average purchase.  Our writers add, “For best results, it’s important to rotate menu options, slot in seasonal and holiday-themed selections and feature regional favorites, when possible.”

Again, it’s important to understand that supply management of your fresh food is incredibly important and attention to detail in this area is required.

Micro market operators can make price changes in real-time. Bourne gives the example, “Anything that sells for $3 or more and has a sell-by date of today can be discounted to $1.99. You could offer 10% off all sandwich sales on Fridays.”

Another interject … try using our expiration management system to make sure you are staying on top of your expiring products so that you can make these price changes without missing the boat!

Bourne describes a food cooler and freezer layouts … We’ve made images to make it easier to show you!

cooler and Freezer layouts-01cooler and Freezer layouts-02

Destination Grouping:

“Bourne said, the operator should design a micro market installation with ‘destination zones’ in mind.  Thus, a ‘breakfast zone’ might position the coffee brewer in proximity to display containing pastry, and an ‘impulse zone’ near the checkout kiosk can feature gum and mint selections.”

Our writers suggest “for purposes of positioning and promotion, it can be useful to remember that the ‘dayparts’ of a typical micro market operation are breakfast, a morning snack (9-11 AM), lunch, an afternoon snack (2-4 PM), and dinner/ride home.

“Bourne concluded by pointing out that snacks, food, and beverages sold in convenience stores … not dissimilar to the one that patronizes micro markets. Both rely very largely on preportioned single-serving products, and he suggested that a solid starting-point for thinking about the expanded variety of items needed to keep a micro market interesting to patrons is to study the data on c-store performance and sales trends published by market research organizations.”


Your product selection is a major part of your micro market success.  Be creative and flexible with your products and planogram, and always keep working on your markets!


Landing that appointment to grow your business …

As a micro market operator,  you know the best thing for your business is to grow your number of location. Sometimes that is easier said than done.

Here are some tips: 

We know you’re looking for a qualified business that will make your service profitable. During your introductory phone call, you can gather some of the important details you need to zero in on your target locations, such as staff size, current vending or market situation, office coffee situation, etc.

Although the world is moving towards texting, messages, and email communication, by creating a personal relationship with your target location and making on-site visits you can build a rapport and trust with the business that will help you in your sales pitch. You should always seek to sell in person vs. over the phone.

Want to land the appointment? Ask engaging questions that will help you to understand what the client currently has, and what messages you can tailor to win the account.

During your initial call, you can ask these questions:

What is your current vending situation? 

  • This will prompt your prospect to talk about how many machines they have and what’s in those machines.

Tell me about the kinds of items you have in your vending machines now? 

  • If they are using traditional products at this time, this gives you a great conversation starter about the wide variety of foods and products that can be incorporated into a micro market. Think “Fresh Food, higher quality products all at no cost to the company.”

Do you have employees that work late or overnight shifts? 

  • Off-shift workers are extremely limited in their food options and will benefit immensely from the update to quality, fresh, & meal options of a micro market.

Do you have a calendar in front of you? 

  • This is a great way to almost guarantee an appointment to talk about the benefits of a micro market in person.


Micro market benefits to talk about: 

  1. Multiple payment options (credit/debit cards, cash, payroll, mobile).
  2. Expanded product selection including fresh, quality foods, health & wellness, electronics & personal needs items. 
  3. Self-checkout that allows employees to pick up and look at products prior to purchase. 
  4. Easy to use, more attractive than vending, lower energy footprint, and often fits in the existing vending space.


If you are reading this you know that the benefits of micro markets are becoming well-known and ever-expanding within our industry.  You can increase your chances of successfully landing an account by being the first in the door with your market solution.

What are you waiting for?


We got a lot of this great information from MarketReach! Check out their article here to learn more:







Not the mailbox anymore …

We know the joke … our kiosk looks like a mailbox.  BUT that was years ago, and it hasn’t looked like that for a long time. Reality is, that we continue to Upgrade, Enhance, Develop and Grow at a rate that our competition CAN’T and HASN’T kept up with.

Here are the facts:

FACT: Unlike other micro market providers, we don’t outsource our kiosks. At 32M, we design & build our kiosks in-house. AND to top it all off, our kiosks have been thoroughly tested, and yes, have evolved over more than a decade of use through 32M and our sister company, TurnKey Corrections.


Here are a few other inaccuracies you may be lead to believe:

Misconception: 365 Retail Markets is the only micro market provider with PCI certification.

FACT: Three Square Market (32M) currently holds the highest level of PCI (v3.1) and PA-DSS certification of anyone in the industry, including 365.



Misconception: We're selling our business.

FACT: Three Square Market (32M) is growing! We’re a proud family-owned business that isn’t going anywhere! We have markets on 4 continents and we don’t plan on stopping there.


Misconception: You can have the same mobile experience with any provider.

FACT: 32M has a PATENTED mobile checkout process – meaning only with 32M can you have the mobile app checkout option that we provide. Because … well … it’s patented! Check it out for yourself, U.S. Patent Number US9,171,300 B2


More than 75% of Millennials have their mobile devices glued to their palm while in store as a trusted personal shopping assistant and 73% of Millennials are already transacting directly on their mobile devices.

Our Smartphone App is the MOST important tool you can offer …


85% of US Millennials own a smartphone. 32M has an exclusive smartphone checkout application. Available on Android and Apple.
A recent study from comScore found that 18% of Millennials, are mobile-only web users, compared to the only 5% of people ages 35-54.


Millennials make up 45% of the workplace, far greater than any other demographic and by 2025, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce.


53% of job recruiters feel it is difficult to attract and retain Millennial talent. Having great employee options like a Break Room Market will increase recruiting potential.



Not the mailbox anymore …

Sell The Boss on a Micro Market!

On average a person spends 1/3 of their entire lives at work. Now, 1/3 doesn’t sound like that big of a deal till you look at … the average person works 25-30 years of the average life expectancy (in the US) of 78.74 years. During the half of your lifetime spent working, 60% of your waking time is spent at work!


You deserve a micro market in your workplace. Here’s how you can sell your boss on the idea:

  • Budget Isn’t A Factor!

    As many people know, management is generally MOST concerned with how the budget will be affected. In the U.S., the installation and maintenance of micro market are generally done at NO COST to the business. In fact, a micro market can SAVE a business money.  Here’s how:

    •  Micro markets use less energy than traditional vending.
    • Having healthier, happier employees reduces absenteeism and increases productivity.
    •  A company loses 20 to 60 minutes of productivity every time an employee leaves the building for a break.
    • Companies that implement wellness programs have 28% reduced sick leave and 26% reduction in medical costs.
  • Company Culture: A buzzword or actual tactic!

    In a work world now dominated by the millennial generation, employees are asking how is this company nurturing my work/life balance?  Yes, Work Life Balance it’s a real thing … in the best companies!
    A micro market is more than just a place to get a snack or some lunch. Micro markets offer so much more than the traditional items and have really become the new office “water cooler” spot.  Management can utilize a micro market as an opportunity to reward and engage employees.

  • Working Hungry? Is it worth it?

    Another culture shift in the workplace is employees not taking the time for nutrition. This practice can be detrimental to productivity. Today’s workday is unpredictable and employees spend a lot of time running from one task to another. A micro market resolves many of these issue providing a middle ground for a quick or leisurely breakfast/snack/lunch/dinner/etc.  Here is some stat to support this:

    • 31 million Americans skip breakfast each day which decreases blood sugar and brain function.
    • Having snacks available throughout the day can increase motivation and productivity, and even decrease absenteeism.
    • Employees who eat healthy all day long are 25% more likely to have higher job performance.
  • Upgrade the appearance of your space!

    A micro market can increase the appearance of your business not only to your employees or future employees but to anyone in your space. Let’s face it a bank of vending machines will never be attractive in your space, but a custom, well-designed, and self-branded market will fit in your location and meld in with your locations aesthetics.

  • Employee satisfaction & enjoyment!

    Is there really anything else to say? Increasing employee satisfaction and workplace enjoyment is always worth the change


3 Ways Earth Day Can Boost Your Business


Today marks the 46th year of Earth Day celebrations! What exactly is it? Earth Day is a national day to focus on the environment, meant to spark conversation and promote environmentally-safe, sustainable practices into every day life and industry. Why should you care?

Here are 3 significant ways Earth Day can boost your business:

  1. It saves money

    Taking sustainable initiatives to reduce your footprint is a win-win. We save our planet, and you save some money. Discover your Personalized Plan to get started!

    Before you go out and spend a major chunk of the company’s budget on redesigning a solar panel run, green building, there are simple, low-cost and no-cost changes that can have an impact. Are bathroom lights turned off? Do employee computers get shut down at night? Are electronics and lights turned off at the end of the day? Do you recycle? Are you spraying harmful chemicals from air fresheners into the air? Do you have washable mugs available for employee use, rather than disposable cups? Take a look around your building and pick out small actions you can take to make big changes – I promise they are there!

    14-year-old Suvir Mirchandani found a way to save our government $30 million annually, by simply switching to a new font! Read more about this change.


  2. It increases your company’s credibility and strengthens your brand

    Most of the Fortune 500 companies issue an annual CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report. By implementing sustainable and socially responsible programs, companies are able to show their customers that they care. Sure, you want to make money, but you also care about your impact on the planet we all call home. You are aware of your footprint and, furthermore, you are taking actions to address a major global issue. This builds trust in your employees and customers. Keep in mind, sincerity is important here. Make sure you take on initiatives that you can sustain for a long period of time and ones you truly care about. Greenwashing can turn ugly fast and actually have negative effects on your company.

  3. You can gain a competitive advantage

    Today, humans are using about 1.6 planet earths to live the way we are. What that means, is that it takes one year and six months to regenerate the resources we use in one year. And this number is rising! It might not be in sight right now, but the thought of losing the resources we need for survival can be a chilling thought. People appreciate companies that are aware of their impact and actively working to reduce it. Some customers will seek out those sustainable, responsible companies to give their business to. When your company and your competitor have a close list of advantages, a green initiative can top off the list to put you ahead!

    Take Earth Day Network’s Ecological Footprint Quiz! Figure out how to reduce your own footprint (and how to save some money) by taking the quiz!

Take it upon yourself this Earth Day to research sustainable initiatives you can implement into your business and personal life. It could be as simple as picking up a new recycling bin!

Have an iPhone? From now until April 24th, when you purchase the Earth Story, 100% of the proceeds go to WWF. Search Apps for Earth to learn more!


The Finishing Touch

Three Square Market really is your one stop shop! Our new 32M Merchandisers are the perfect finishing touch to construct a market that looks as First Class as it runs. Give it a polished look and create exponential added value to your break room markets!


32M Merchandisers:

  • Maximize your ROI
  • Quality materials, easy assemble
  • Best pricing
  • Bundle your entire break room market, from merchandisers and kiosks to equipment and products, at ONE location – your point of sale experts at 32M

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A clean, effective solution for your market needs. Bundle your entire market into one package or update your existing market with a polished look. 32M Merchandisers come unassembled to save you on shipping costs and are easily assembled and set-up with a two person team. Contact us today to learn about our custom options or take a look at our products online at


NAMA & Our 32M Hospitality Night Are Finally Here!

Today is the day – Are you coming to the NAMA One Show?

Stop by the BEST booth at the show, #907, to learn why Three Square Market is your number one option in Break Room Market providers!


Please join us tomorrow, April 13th, at 7:30 PM for our annual (FREE) 32M Hospitality Night after the NAMA show floor closes!

There will be appetizers, drinks and plenty of great company from 32M Operators, prospective operators and our fantastic 32M staff! We are excited to spend time with you!

Shuttles will be provided from the convention center/Hyatt Lobby area to our party location and back later in the night. The 32M Hospitality Condo is located at 22 W Ontario Street, Unit 400, Chicago, IL 60654. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Who Needs Luck?

You might believe in the luck of the Irish, but we believe in creating our own success. Maybe you have noticed that lucky people are found by luck often – this is no coincidence! A lucky break is really someone being prepared when an opportunity presents itself, and having the confidence to go after it. Instead of dwelling on your “bad luck”, get prepared for the next opportunity!


Follow these 7 lucky steps to create your own success:

  1. Define your goal

    Be specific. You need to know exactly what you want in order to achieve it. If your end goal is to close a sale, what does that look like? A happy customer, first-class service, constant communication, positive reviews, active listening, knowing your potential client inside and out …

  2. Decide to reach it

    Make the decision right now that you are going to reach your goal no matter what! Nothing can keep you from succeeding if you have this mindset. There might be set backs and failures, but that is a part of life. You need to learn from them and move forward towards your goal. The people who always get what they want, never quit trying to achieve it.

  3. Outline your steps

    This is where you get prepared for an opportunity. If you want to close the sale, don’t just hope you do the right things. Do your research. What exactly do you need to do to be ready? If you know the customer wants a green market, how are you going to give it to them? Step one: learn who the customer is and what they want. Step two: research green initiatives. Step three: … If you don’t know where to begin, find someone who has been successful in the same or a similar situation and mirror the steps they took.

  4. Educate yourself

    There is some training required for every goal you have. Surround yourself with people who have been successful at achieving your goal. They will help you figure out what to study. Maybe it’s time to go back and finish your degree. Maybe you are ready to take on your Master’s. Maybe you just need to brush up on your sales techniques and can do this with an online training course. Whichever the case, make sure you find a program that is well-known and has been given the best reviews. If you purchase a course, buy it from someone who is successful at the topic, rather than from someone who is good at marketing the course. Investing in education is one of the smartest decisions you can make – it always has a return.

  5. Do what you love

    Creating your own success is hard. It takes lots and lots of work. How do you plan on effectively doing lots and lots of work if you hate the work? Find what makes you passionate and set your goals around that. Maybe right now, your end goal is to find a passion and one of your steps includes trying something new every week.

  6. End negativity, create positive thoughts

    If anybody gets in the way of you achieving your goals, stay away from them. You don’t need to waste your time on negative people who don’t support you. Surround yourself with other successful people and you will adopt the lifestyle that creates success.
    If you get in the way of achieving your goals, make a change. Negative thoughts are natural. When they strike, instead of letting them stew and grow, redirect your thoughts to something positive. Positive thoughts need to be created. Do this, and do this often! Visualize reaching your end goal. What does it look like? Feel like? Smell like? Sound like? Who is involved? Who is not there?  Think of this often and it will motivate you immensely.

  7. Know that “having it all” is NOT shameful

    There are people who believe that successful people only became successful by stepping on others and acting with greed. I bet these are the same people who believe that luck is left to chance. I have not met a single successful person who didn’t work their fingers to the bone to get where they are. If you work hard and relentlessly strive to achieve your goals, you DO deserve to have it all. Remember that you having everything doesn’t stop anybody else from having it all, too.

Don’t wait for St. Patty’s day to find a little luck. Get prepared for the next opportunity that comes your way and create a lifestyle that welcomes “lucky breaks” – Do it TODAY!

5 Simple Steps to Maximizing Your Break Room Sales


Vending Operators are given a challenge when starting into Break Room Markets. Traditional Vending has always been setting your snacks, sodas, coffee and cold food machines, then fill. And we’ve noticed that operators that try to set up their markets the same way, may fall short of their potential!

We suggest prior to setting your market, that you step into a variety of convenience stores. Look at their item placement and see how they are merchandising their products. For example, most consumers are looking for refreshments first. You will notice that generally beverages are always located at the back of the c-store, directing customers past shelves full of snacks that may catch their eye and increase their purchase.

The five basics – to achieve a high volume break room market:

– Top-Shelf Items: Highest price points and smaller, regional or gourmet brands
– Bullseye Zone: (AKA eye-level) 2nd & 3rd shelf from the top, this is your most sought after items and highest profit margin items
– Bottom Level: Less frequently purchased items (Larger bagged snacks, seasonal items)
– Near Checkout: Impulse buys such as candy, gum & mints
– Retail Items: Think outside the box and treat this as a retail shopping experience for your customer. Sundries like phone power cords, medicines, chap stick, and greeting cards provide great profit margins and easily fit into a market space vs. traditional vending.

Three Square Market has a team of professionals that can assist you with maximizing your profits by helping you to properly merchandise your store.
Let us grow your business with our system’s inventory intelligence, new products and our expertise.

Call our team today at 715.386.2233