Web Browser Usage Update

As a part of our PCI scope expansion; we need to let all of our valued operators and distributors know that starting tomorrow (3/27), everyone will need to adhere to the following requirements for accessing our website in a browser (Please ensure that all users update to one of the following):

  • Internet Explorer; anything older than version 10 will not work. This will apply to many Users, who have to use IE in the workplace.
  • Google Chrome; ensure that you, as well as your users have Chrome and the latest version of the desktop browser (http://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95346?hl=en) and mobile browser which can be checked in Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Mozilla Firefox; ensure that you, as well as your users have Firefox and the latest version of the desktop browser (https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/) and mobile browser which can be checked in Google Play Store or App Store.

If anyone is not using the most updated Chrome or Firefox versions, as well as IE v10+ (still not recommended to use either way), then 32market.com will not function as it should.

As always, please reach out to us with any questions or clarification that may be needed via email or call at 715.386.2233.


Encourage Customers to Use the Mobile App, And Increase Your Total Sales!

Here’s why encouraging your customers to use the mobile app discount may significantly increase your market sales:

– All mobile purchases are done with a user’s Market Account.  By needing to add funds to their market account – users are 4x’s more likely to make additional purchases they normally would not.

– Eliminating the need to wait in line, will increase a customer’s ambition to buy!

– Smartphone app usage will additionally increase a market users account security by users no longer needing to log in with others nearby.

– Track all purchases in the transaction platform so you know who is buying with the kiosk vs. mobile.

– You have the ability to add a discount: you can add discounts to mobile app purchases to encourage users to buy more when using the mobile app.

For more information on distinguishing your market transactions by platform or adding a Mobile App Discount to increase your market sales – contact us at MarniV@32Market.com or DanH@32Market.com

Have a Great Day!

Have you signed up for the 32M User Conference?

Good Afternoon 32M Operators and Distributors!

Have you signed up for the 32M User Conference in Las Vegas?!  Sign up below to learn more about 32M, have some fun, and get to know our staff!

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Appetizers ~ Beverages ~ Networking

Going to NAMA? Attend the 32M User Conference for Free!
Tuesday, April 21st from 5-9PM

Las Vegas ~ Fun ~ Free

Conference Topics:
– 32M’s Latest Enhancements
– Bigger, Better Kiosks
– SmartER Technology
& Time to Ask Your Questions

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Passion – do we like to do it

As the second part of our principles, Passion is pretty simple, either we love what we do or we don’t do it.  Weekly, we are approached with ideas to grow our business. From kiosks that sell “legal” pot to fumigating sports equipment, we have seen it….and said no. We aren’t passionate about those things, we are about what we do today.  

Being passionate means we also work passionately with people and expect the same in return.  For our products to flourish, we need partners who are as passionate as we are in being successful.  Thus, if you sense we push, we do. Because as I described in last blog, we want you to be successful otherwise, we are not.  

Go get it today, because we are.  


Read today: over 50% of companies starte

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Principles, Who We Stand For

Over the next few weeks I am going to post blogs about the Principles we stand for.  While these are the standards we live by, we welcome the chance to learn about yours and your feedback on ours.  The term “mutual” is something we believe that these principles to be – our #1 Principle is Profits.  Some at first may say “whoa” if you are…..stop.  What it means without our business partners being profitable we don’t exist.  So, in that spirit, we have Ten Principles and our first starts with you.  

When we all started in business, we started  with a mindset we need to make money to survive.  We need to pay bills, fund babysitters, a car payment, the mortgage, and as time grew, dreams.  Making dreams become reality starts with having a bottom line number that you need to hit whether it be grow your business, add that second delivery truck, build a new bulding, buy a competitor, let alone expand, fund your retirement, provide improved benefits for your employees, build a bigger home, the list is endless.  

This starts with profit and we must provide you the impact on your business to grow it.  We stress to our staff daily we need to ensure what we do daily helps our business partners, the people and companies who buy and employ our products can deliver a profit to themselves.  Doing so ensures they continue to be our client, expand their business and more. 

We must provide you the value added service and bottom line reliability you need in daily performance of our product.  We need to deliver world class technology, service and guidance so that each penny adds to profit whether it be in incremental growth due to an enhancement, process improvement that equates to expense savings that when multiplied, equates to record profits for the client. 

In return we EARN our price that in the end funds our bottom line and allows us to continue to provide World Class products.  Our price funds our product development, employee growth and every facet of our company so that we continue to provide the best product that our clients buy again and again.  

So, we all know what we need to do to be mutually profitable and know from the get go our #1 principle starts with ensuring you reach your profit goals so that you are our client for decades to come.  

Stay tuned….more to come.  Let me know how we can help you improve your bottom line.  


Important Service Information – A Must Read!

Good Morning!

In an effort to create the absolute best and fastest service for our operators we ask that when calling in to Three Square Market for service assistance please consider the following action steps:

1)     Is this a customer related issue? If yes, the operator should be handling this.  Refunds, product questions, suggestions, etc., should be handled by the operator.  We recently updated your kiosks to include this information so that we better service you.

2)     Is the internet at your facility location running properly?  The #1 issue we have is poor internet at the site.  While your kiosk functions without the internet, an internet connection that is consistently dropping forces the kiosk to bounce between two operating modes and can decrease performance.

3)     Is this a training issue?  If so, please set an appointment by click (http://threesquaremarket.schedulista.com/) and we will ensure you are trained.

4)     Is this something that your local distributor would handle?  If so, it would be best to contact them first. 

5)     Are you performing routine maintenance on your bill acceptor?  Similar to your vending machine, this unit should be kept clean and routinely checked for maintenance to ensure it runs properly?

Rest assured, if it is a kiosk performance issue or a problem with the Administrative website, we want to make you completely satisfied and resolve the issue.  However, to ensure we can best service you and all of our customers, if the issues fall in to 1-5 above, please take the appropriate steps before calling in for assistance.  You may also want to reference your Kiosk Service Manual as provided by 32Market (Bookmark this page to ensure you always have the latest copy).  This manual contains a lot of helpful information that will allow you to also solve basic operational challenges just as our customer service team would.

Also, as part of an on-going effort to provide you the best service, it is important that we clarify our customer service operation: 

1)     Our customer service center is open from 6AM – 10PM CST Monday through Friday. 

2)     Training and market launch efforts must continue to be scheduled (24 hours advance notice required) with a 32M representative between the peak hours of 8AM to 5PM CSTWe do not do administrative training or market launch support during non-peak hours.  Non-peak hours support is solely dedicated to ensuring the proper functionality of kiosks and the administrative software.