What does Success Look like? How can you become more successful?

Over the last few days we’ve been focusing on ways to assist operators in being more successful in their business, and a couple of our latest stand out operators came to mind …

Rome Refreshments has been an operator with us for almost two years now. Rome goes the extra mile with everything in their markets – from their attention grabbing kiosk design to the attention to detail in all of their market’s features. If you haven’t seen one of their markets – then you haven’t looked at any of the 32M marketing material. Rome definitely has one of 32M’s most stand-out locations!

Another reason why Rome Refreshments really takes it to the next level is their use of the entire Three Square Market system.  Rome leaves no report, setting, or feature un-touched. Rome uses every possible part of the 32M system to its fullest extent … and their operation and progress over this time really shows!

A&H Vending is a relatively new operator to 32M.  What they may be lacking in time as a 32M operator, clearly doesn’t show from their extensive knowledge of the 32M system.  Like our previously mentioned operator A&H utilizes every feature possible with the 32M system to absolutely maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of his market.

A&H leaves no slacking in looks of their breakroom markets!  From the story, it is safe to assume that Jim & Bridget (A&H) would not go into their latest location without some serious renovations – review the before and after pictures to see the change.  The new A&H market in this location is such a hit the President/CEO has decided, with the help of A&H, to put the breakroom markets into all of their locations in the next few months. David, the President/CEO of the location, even blogged about the success of their new breakroom – which has brought about a significant amount of market requests for Jim and Bridget to go through!

Both of these examples clearly show operators that success can be made by simply doing it right vs. doing it fast!  32M extends their gratitude and major congratulations to both of these operators for their commitment and excellence!

For answers to any questions, or additional help and training on the 32M system, please put in your requests by emailing MarniV@32Market.com, DanH@32Market.com or MichaelT@32Market.com. Or schedule a training at http://threesquaremarket.schedulista.com/

Know the opposite of success to have success

Know the opposite of your goals? It’s called lack of success, frustration, regret, missed opportunities and more adjectives that have nothing positive associated with them. Want to hit your goals for 2015? Not only have your goals written down but also have written the opposite down so you can see which path you are on.

Change is hard. Success isn’t comfortable. And listing your self defined opposite of success will immediately tell you if you are taking the right actions every minute, hour, day, week, month and quarter.

How to Increase Your Market Revenue – Tools Available on 32Market.com

There are many tools available to you as a Three Square Market Operator that you may not be using to their fullest potential!

Did you know:

  • You can generate residual sales before you even open your market? By offering an immediate credit to anyone that registers a new account you not only bypass down time at the kiosk due to new users signing up on opening day, but you also encourage their first purchase and return patronage. On top of that initial amount, extend an additional $ credit to anyone that funds their account prior to opening day! (Example: “Anyone that funds their account with $20 or more, before opening day of the market will receive an additional $3.00 credit to their account!”)

  • You can extend a discount percentage to all users, for any range of days that you specify!  You can even choose how you want to extend that discount – whether it’s to promote the mobile apps available, just at the kiosk, or both!

  • You can advertise sales for items you want to push, right on the kiosk screen!

  • You can offer a loyalty program that extends a percentage or dollar amount credit to account users that deposit a specified dollar amount!

  • You can create pre-paid discount cards that on-site human resource departments can hand out as employee appreciation rewards!

Other tactics for increasing your Market’s revenue can be:

  • Updating your store layout! Check out your month’s best sellers list and place like items near by your best sellers.
  • Pair your best sellers with your worst sellers! Offer a discount on the overall packaged items if a person buys a best seller (something they are already doing) get your worst seller at a discounted rate!
  • Add the suggestion button to your kiosk screen and encourage your customer to use it! Ask for suggestions on products they would like to buy!

For more information on these tools available at 32Market.com or a personal training session please sign up at http://threesquaremarket.schedulista.com/  or email (MarniV@32Market.com, DanH@32Market.com) to set up an appointment!

Have a productive day!

Maximizing Your Efficiency through Mobile Admin Use

As an admin user on Three Square Market you have the capability to manage your markets via our mobile admin website, from anywhere you have internet access. Options include:

  • Creating and Receiving Warehouse and Store Orders – ensure you store is always fully stocked!
  • Remote Kiosk Support – view your kiosk from anywhere!
  • User Management – manage your store and settings!
  • Inventory Management – manage your inventory, fresh food items, and more!
  • Real Time Sales Totals and Sales Reports – see what items are or are not selling and plan your next visit!
  • Top Selling Item Trends – see your top sellers!
Using all of these reports and features can help you to increase your efficiency and your markets productivity!  To learn more about these features sign up for training via Schedulista or contact one of our staff members for a scheduled training time!

or 715.386.2233


Reminder! Use your kiosk remote support option first …

In order to allow us the time to properly answer each and every call coming into our headquarters, we ask that you please utilize your kiosk remote support options for initial trouble shooting of your kiosks before calling our customer service team.

You can test your hardware, internet speed and reboot your kiosks remotely both through 32market.com and through your mobile admin access (32market.com/mobile) using your phone web browser.  If you have questions on how to do this please call 715-386-2233.

Thank you!

The BreakRoom Market

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Although many individuals in the industry understand the term “Micro Market” and maybe even those around you on a daily basis now understand the term …

However, Micro Market can be misleading to those that do not deal with our industry every day.

What is a Micro Market?  A BreakRoom Market – it can be small or large … really it just needs to fit in the break room and fit that specific break room’s needs.  We encourage you to embrace and use this term “BreakRoom Market” with your end-user clients as it will make a clear distinction, and a clear terminology about the market you plan on providing them!




Did You Know …

Did you know that all Three Square Market kiosks have the option to be bilingual? 

At the home screen of your kiosk your customer can be given the option to switch over the kiosk to Spanish or French depending on what your area demands for.  To activate this feature or learn more – contact our technical support at 715.386.2233.

Did you know that you can create and place advertisements on your kiosk? 

Create and place scrolling advertisements for your store that play on your kiosk screen while it is not in use.  To activate or train on this feature – make an appointment with our training guru at http://threesquaremarket.schedulista.com/

Did you know that you can remotely view your kiosk from your home or office computer or smartphone? 

Never miss what is going on with your store with remote kiosk access! Log in to your mobile admin app through http://www.32Market.com and manage as well as remotely view your kiosk from anywhere with an internet connection. To learn more about this feature or train how you can use this asset effectively contact our customer support at 715.386.5700 or make an appointment at http://threesquaremarket.schedulista.com/

Have a great day!


2015 Price Sheets are Out

Distributors check out the latest.

1) All kiosks, minus Canada orders, will be shipped complete with bill acceptors included.
2) Please note the handling charge. This is for crating/pallet. REMINDER, it costs basically the same to ship four of the Market kiosks as it does one Market kiosk. Often it is more expensive to ship one of the Market kiosks than four of them. Order your kiosks in fours. We will no longer discount shipping costs on the Market units.

A few other important notes:

1) Executive Kiosk: We will be sending out pictures of the 32M Executive Kiosk this month and will be making this a BIG part of our 2015 NAMA Show.
2) Kiosk Enhancements: We will be enhancing the Market Kiosk in Q1 to include a shelf on the inside.
3) 2015 is under way and 1000 stores is the number. Look for an update this week on where we stand in starting the year out with a flash.
4) Canada is Live: Congrats Kanes Vending and Lorna Kane who has brought us live in Canada with four stores opening in the past week. Langley Wholesale out of Vancouver is right on her heels with another 2 stores opening in 14 days plus a few more on the docket for February. And Laniel is starting the process of converting an operator to 32M. Canada alone is already locked in for nearly 30 stores to be open by the end of Q1.
5) Competitor Conversions: We successfully converted a Revive kiosk this month and are in the process of converting several Revive stores starting 1/19.
6) Internet Connectivity: If you have a location who is hesitant to put us on their internet/server, please make sure you contact our customer service team and arrange a call with their IT management and our IT Team.
7) Social Media: I will be doing another social media class and several training classes starting next week. We only had 4 distributors participate last time on the social media training. Not bought in? Since our November meeting we have landed 3 new operators because of social media. The time is now.
8) HR Shows: We are attending the Canada HR Show and are booking the US HR Show in Orlando (I believe it is in Orlando this year).
9) Vegas: We will be having a User Conference at NAMA – stay tuned for details.
10) Blog: Make sure you are checking our blog when we send out updates on it. It has all of the latest IT updates/fixes/sales ideas/etc. Information is power.
11) Website: All new http://www.32Market.com is live. Check it out. Much smoother look, better pictures, has a slide show of our stores and more.

Ordering Your Kiosks …

Good Afternoon Everyone!

As we come into the new year and anticipate a higher level of demand in the future, we wanted to take this chance to remind you to ensure you are ordering your kiosks with a proper lead time:

To ensure a quality product, and to keep up with demand, we are asking that you place your kiosk orders a Full Six Weeks prior to your scheduled store openings. Although we strive to significantly beat this time frame depending on orders and stock items, it can take us up to six weeks to get your kiosk out the door.  Please be sure to allow for this lead time to ensure that your operator will receive their kiosks in a timely manner.​

Remember you can order your kiosk with a custom decal or custom wrap!  For more information about customizing your kiosks take a look at our website www.32MarketStore.com or contact Katy directly at KatyH@32Market.com.