Why Markets? See For Yourself …

Why should employees spend half of their break time driving around? Let them use their entire break to relax and recharge. It will increase productivity and employee satisfaction. See for yourself …

A Couple Other Things arrow.png

  • Instead of having to inhale fast food, longer breaks give employees a chance to choose a healthier option and actually chew their food! Snacking on brain food is going to help them feel a lot better and brighter than shoveling in sugary and greasy foods.
  • Let’s be honest – We’ve all had a moment where we get completely overwhelmed by over thinking a problem we’re working out. The answer always seems to come after setting it aside for a while and calming your mind down. Cutting down the drive time means less rushing around and more shutting your brain off. Employees need that big advantage so that when the clock starts back up, they’ve had a chance to clear their mind, and can focus better on REAL solutions.

Still not convinced?

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Ahead of the Trend: Non-Food Sales

We have been pushing non-food sales from the beginning … and finally our competition is starting to catch on! Don’t get left behind. Stay ahead of the trends with the leader – 32M! Here are a few reasons why non-food sales in your markets are so important:

Use Break Time For Breaks

One of the key selling points of a micro market is
the idea that employees will never have to leave the
building to get  the products they really want.
They can spend more of their  break time recharging,
increasing productivity during work.




A micro market is not limited to foods that fit inside
a vending machine. So why stop there?
Don’t limit your market to foods
We have been encouraging the use of non-food products
since the very beginning! And we have since adapted
to offer many non-food options at the best prices
for our operators.
Transform your market into the one-stop
shop employees are searching for.



Did You Know??

What’s the perfect non-food product? It’s a no-brainer!


These days, mobile = $! Don’t get left in the dust as mobile sales shoot through the roof. Our Power Bank is easy to use, with 8000 mAh, Android and Apple compatible, and includes a cable and a flashlight. Only $9.95 each from 32M. 

And the best part … Sell our Power Bank for 100% markup and still have the BEST price on the market! MSRP $19.95




Don’t Stop There!

Stock your store with more than just snacks,
drinks, and meals. These items are what employees
are leaving work to buy. Catch their attention
and earn their purchase with products like
OTC medications, electronic accessories, and toiletries.
Make your market the one-stop shop they are craving!




A Quick Recap:

1. Non-food sales keep employees at work and give them
more break time to … well, take a break!
2. Transform your market into a one-stop shop by adding non-food products.
3. Mobile = $. The best non-food product for your market is our Power Bank.
4. Check out our other non-food products to stock your store!



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