Sell The Boss on a Micro Market!

On average a person spends 1/3 of their entire lives at work. Now, 1/3 doesn’t sound like that big of a deal till you look at … the average person works 25-30 years of the average life expectancy (in the US) of 78.74 years. During the half of your lifetime spent working, 60% of your waking time is spent at work!


You deserve a micro market in your workplace. Here’s how you can sell your boss on the idea:

  • Budget Isn’t A Factor!

    As many people know, management is generally MOST concerned with how the budget will be affected. In the U.S., the installation and maintenance of micro market are generally done at NO COST to the business. In fact, a micro market can SAVE a business money.  Here’s how:

    •  Micro markets use less energy than traditional vending.
    • Having healthier, happier employees reduces absenteeism and increases productivity.
    •  A company loses 20 to 60 minutes of productivity every time an employee leaves the building for a break.
    • Companies that implement wellness programs have 28% reduced sick leave and 26% reduction in medical costs.
  • Company Culture: A buzzword or actual tactic!

    In a work world now dominated by the millennial generation, employees are asking how is this company nurturing my work/life balance?  Yes, Work Life Balance it’s a real thing … in the best companies!
    A micro market is more than just a place to get a snack or some lunch. Micro markets offer so much more than the traditional items and have really become the new office “water cooler” spot.  Management can utilize a micro market as an opportunity to reward and engage employees.

  • Working Hungry? Is it worth it?

    Another culture shift in the workplace is employees not taking the time for nutrition. This practice can be detrimental to productivity. Today’s workday is unpredictable and employees spend a lot of time running from one task to another. A micro market resolves many of these issue providing a middle ground for a quick or leisurely breakfast/snack/lunch/dinner/etc.  Here is some stat to support this:

    • 31 million Americans skip breakfast each day which decreases blood sugar and brain function.
    • Having snacks available throughout the day can increase motivation and productivity, and even decrease absenteeism.
    • Employees who eat healthy all day long are 25% more likely to have higher job performance.
  • Upgrade the appearance of your space!

    A micro market can increase the appearance of your business not only to your employees or future employees but to anyone in your space. Let’s face it a bank of vending machines will never be attractive in your space, but a custom, well-designed, and self-branded market will fit in your location and meld in with your locations aesthetics.

  • Employee satisfaction & enjoyment!

    Is there really anything else to say? Increasing employee satisfaction and workplace enjoyment is always worth the change


Break Room Market Myths

Three Square Market is here to set the record straight!

Take a look at these popular break room myths… and then the truth!


Break Room Markets are just a bunch of vending machines.

MYTH! You might see a vending machine in a break room, but break room markets typically include coolers, freezers, shelving and other displays. Unlike vending machines, 32M custom kiosks give employees the ability to purchase many items on a single transaction.

Break Room Markets are convenience stores.

MYTH! Break room markets are focused more closely on a select group of customers. Products are limited to their specific needs and wants.

It’s not healthy to eat food from a Break Room Market.

MYTH! Break Room markets actually offer a multitude of healthy products! Three Square Market provides operators with our state-of-the-art software and freshness-tracker to keep food fresh and fully stocked with the most popular, healthy products!


Break Room Markets are the same as the self-checkout lines in grocery stores.

MYTH! 32M does provide a self-checkout method. However, we are so much more than a self-checkout line – In fact, there are no lines necessary in a Three Square Market! Our mobile application offers employees the option to check out without waiting for anyone.

You have to sign up and make payments to use a Break Room Market.

MYTH! Employees can checkout purchase-by-purchase – no account necessary. Typically, our kiosks do not give back change from cash purchases. Credit cards are accepted. By creating an account, employees can load as little or as much money as they want, when they want to. This way no change will be lost in purchases and checkout becomes a speedy process!

You have to own a Smartphone to use a Break Room Market.

MYTH! Many employees prefer to use our 32M Smartphone Application, however, our kiosks provide quick, convenient and easy checkout, as well!

Set of touchscreen smartphones
Set of touchscreen smartphones

Employees can easily steal from Break Room Markets.

MYTH! 32M offers a security system that actually makes it extremely hard for anyone to steal without being caught. We closely keep track of inventories, purchase dates and times, account logins, and much more!


To BREAK any other break room myths that you hear, contact us at Three Square Market! We will tell you about what we really do!