5 Simple Steps to Maximizing Your Break Room Sales


Vending Operators are given a challenge when starting into Break Room Markets. Traditional Vending has always been setting your snacks, sodas, coffee and cold food machines, then fill. And we’ve noticed that operators that try to set up their markets the same way, may fall short of their potential!

We suggest prior to setting your market, that you step into a variety of convenience stores. Look at their item placement and see how they are merchandising their products. For example, most consumers are looking for refreshments first. You will notice that generally beverages are always located at the back of the c-store, directing customers past shelves full of snacks that may catch their eye and increase their purchase.

The five basics – to achieve a high volume break room market:

– Top-Shelf Items: Highest price points and smaller, regional or gourmet brands
– Bullseye Zone: (AKA eye-level) 2nd & 3rd shelf from the top, this is your most sought after items and highest profit margin items
– Bottom Level: Less frequently purchased items (Larger bagged snacks, seasonal items)
– Near Checkout: Impulse buys such as candy, gum & mints
– Retail Items: Think outside the box and treat this as a retail shopping experience for your customer. Sundries like phone power cords, medicines, chap stick, and greeting cards provide great profit margins and easily fit into a market space vs. traditional vending.

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