Did You Know …

Did you know that all Three Square Market kiosks have the option to be bilingual? 

At the home screen of your kiosk your customer can be given the option to switch over the kiosk to Spanish or French depending on what your area demands for.  To activate this feature or learn more – contact our technical support at 715.386.2233.

Did you know that you can create and place advertisements on your kiosk? 

Create and place scrolling advertisements for your store that play on your kiosk screen while it is not in use.  To activate or train on this feature – make an appointment with our training guru at http://threesquaremarket.schedulista.com/

Did you know that you can remotely view your kiosk from your home or office computer or smartphone? 

Never miss what is going on with your store with remote kiosk access! Log in to your mobile admin app through http://www.32Market.com and manage as well as remotely view your kiosk from anywhere with an internet connection. To learn more about this feature or train how you can use this asset effectively contact our customer support at 715.386.5700 or make an appointment at http://threesquaremarket.schedulista.com/

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