2015 Price Sheets are Out

Distributors check out the latest.

1) All kiosks, minus Canada orders, will be shipped complete with bill acceptors included.
2) Please note the handling charge. This is for crating/pallet. REMINDER, it costs basically the same to ship four of the Market kiosks as it does one Market kiosk. Often it is more expensive to ship one of the Market kiosks than four of them. Order your kiosks in fours. We will no longer discount shipping costs on the Market units.

A few other important notes:

1) Executive Kiosk: We will be sending out pictures of the 32M Executive Kiosk this month and will be making this a BIG part of our 2015 NAMA Show.
2) Kiosk Enhancements: We will be enhancing the Market Kiosk in Q1 to include a shelf on the inside.
3) 2015 is under way and 1000 stores is the number. Look for an update this week on where we stand in starting the year out with a flash.
4) Canada is Live: Congrats Kanes Vending and Lorna Kane who has brought us live in Canada with four stores opening in the past week. Langley Wholesale out of Vancouver is right on her heels with another 2 stores opening in 14 days plus a few more on the docket for February. And Laniel is starting the process of converting an operator to 32M. Canada alone is already locked in for nearly 30 stores to be open by the end of Q1.
5) Competitor Conversions: We successfully converted a Revive kiosk this month and are in the process of converting several Revive stores starting 1/19.
6) Internet Connectivity: If you have a location who is hesitant to put us on their internet/server, please make sure you contact our customer service team and arrange a call with their IT management and our IT Team.
7) Social Media: I will be doing another social media class and several training classes starting next week. We only had 4 distributors participate last time on the social media training. Not bought in? Since our November meeting we have landed 3 new operators because of social media. The time is now.
8) HR Shows: We are attending the Canada HR Show and are booking the US HR Show in Orlando (I believe it is in Orlando this year).
9) Vegas: We will be having a User Conference at NAMA – stay tuned for details.
10) Blog: Make sure you are checking our blog when we send out updates on it. It has all of the latest IT updates/fixes/sales ideas/etc. Information is power.
11) Website: All new http://www.32Market.com is live. Check it out. Much smoother look, better pictures, has a slide show of our stores and more.

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