In Your Face … Nutritional Facts

Maybe you saw our press release?!

Another industry-first feature under our belt, check out our newest add-on, Nutritional Fact information displaying directly on the kiosk.  nutrition-2

This new feature is just one of many new features to be released between now and the NAMA OneShow in April 2017. With industry requirements moving towards complete transparency regarding nutritional information, Three Square Market pushed the envelope to apply this advancement well before regulatory demand.  The addition of a Calorie Consumption feature, to be added in 2017, the wellness initiative options with 32M are top notch.
The 32M nutrition information will be a seamless upgrade for all operators globally, going out in the latest software update.  New markets opened in December will see this advancement from day one.

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What Sets Us Ahead of the Competition?

1. Unbeatable Customer Service

remote_iconOur exceptional customer service is one way we are able to prove our willingness to help our customers. Our customer service team is always eager to help in any way that they can. If we are not able to solve a problem over the phone we will send someone to the site to help as soon as someone is available. At 32Market we put our customers first. 

2. Fingerprint Technology

Our fingerprint technology is another way 32Market is able to surpass the competition. At fingerprint_icon32Market we are always looking for innovative ways to grow. Our kiosks are equipped with Biometric Fingerprint Technology which allows customers to pay for their items simply by using their fingerprint. This form of payment makes it easy for people to purchase items from their micro market. 

3. 32Market App

screen568x56832Market received a patent for our smartphone application on October 27, 2015. Our smartphone application offers another unique and convenient way to pay. The app does everything a kiosk does except take cash. The app even gets you checked out faster than a kiosk! The app also includes administrative functions such as inventory management, reporting, and more! Our smartphone application gives us an irreplaceable competitive edge in the micro market industry.

32Market is a special company for many reasons. It is our priority to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with our products. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and we are always looking for ways to improve. We also offer many unique services and products.These are just a few ways 32Market is able to set itself ahead of competitors. To experience all that 32Market has to offer, visit our website or our online store for more information or contact us today!


Reminder! Use your kiosk remote support option first …

In order to allow us the time to properly answer each and every call coming into our headquarters, we ask that you please utilize your kiosk remote support options for initial trouble shooting of your kiosks before calling our customer service team.

You can test your hardware, internet speed and reboot your kiosks remotely both through and through your mobile admin access ( using your phone web browser.  If you have questions on how to do this please call 715-386-2233.

Thank you!


Happy Thanksgiving all you wonderful 32M Followers!

We wanted to update all of our valued partners and operators with the new features and updates we pushed out overnight on 11/25/14, before everyone hits the road to enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday with family and loved ones. So for your viewing pleasure, dive into the following enhancements to the 32M system:

1. Spoilage Function
A comprehensive update has been made to  the spoilage function for the kiosk’s communication with the website, for a more intuitive approach.

2. Cash Detail Report
This is a brand new report designed to allow for easily determining cash put in (or out) a kiosk during a specific time period. The report allows for a true cash reporting approach, without having to look at multiple places to see what cash came in or out, specific to cashbox sessions.
And for even more awesomeness, it will warn you if the ‘Till’ session date range is outside of the selected date range, by highlighting in red text. Meaning, that there is more to that till session than what is currently showing.

3. Abandoned Shopping Cart Report
The kiosk is now triggering an abandoned shopping cart when the ‘Home’ button is pushed while the cart is populated with items. It will also now show a no image picture along with details of the abandoned cart.

4. Unclaimed Funds Report
This report now includes funds left over from cash transactions when the user refuses to associate an email or log-in.

So to round out the update, there are a lot of exciting things happening around here currently, and more to come. Do you have questions about these updates? Need help utilizing these great new features?  Don’t wait!  Get started right away – our customer service team is always here to help; so contact Marni, Dan or Michael at 715.386.2233 (We prefer you call Marni though).

We really want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels from everyone at Three Square Market!

Take care,

What’s New with 32!

Hello again!

The kiosk operation and trouble-shooting manual is out and available for use.  To request a digital or hard copy of this manual please contact your 32Market staff – Dan, Michael or Myself.

Coming Soon: 
Self-help support portal for distributors and operators.  This portal will assist you with basic trouble-shooting tips, operator and distributor documents, and will also allow you to make requests for assistance via a ticket system.