Why Markets? See For Yourself …

Why should employees spend half of their break time driving around? Let them use their entire break to relax and recharge. It will increase productivity and employee satisfaction. See for yourself …

A Couple Other Things arrow.png

  • Instead of having to inhale fast food, longer breaks give employees a chance to choose a healthier option and actually chew their food! Snacking on brain food is going to help them feel a lot better and brighter than shoveling in sugary and greasy foods.
  • Let’s be honest – We’ve all had a moment where we get completely overwhelmed by over thinking a problem we’re working out. The answer always seems to come after setting it aside for a while and calming your mind down. Cutting down the drive time means less rushing around and more shutting your brain off. Employees need that big advantage so that when the clock starts back up, they’ve had a chance to clear their mind, and can focus better on REAL solutions.

Still not convinced?

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