Important Service Information – A Must Read!

Good Morning!

In an effort to create the absolute best and fastest service for our operators we ask that when calling in to Three Square Market for service assistance please consider the following action steps:

1)     Is this a customer related issue? If yes, the operator should be handling this.  Refunds, product questions, suggestions, etc., should be handled by the operator.  We recently updated your kiosks to include this information so that we better service you.

2)     Is the internet at your facility location running properly?  The #1 issue we have is poor internet at the site.  While your kiosk functions without the internet, an internet connection that is consistently dropping forces the kiosk to bounce between two operating modes and can decrease performance.

3)     Is this a training issue?  If so, please set an appointment by click ( and we will ensure you are trained.

4)     Is this something that your local distributor would handle?  If so, it would be best to contact them first. 

5)     Are you performing routine maintenance on your bill acceptor?  Similar to your vending machine, this unit should be kept clean and routinely checked for maintenance to ensure it runs properly?

Rest assured, if it is a kiosk performance issue or a problem with the Administrative website, we want to make you completely satisfied and resolve the issue.  However, to ensure we can best service you and all of our customers, if the issues fall in to 1-5 above, please take the appropriate steps before calling in for assistance.  You may also want to reference your Kiosk Service Manual as provided by 32Market (Bookmark this page to ensure you always have the latest copy).  This manual contains a lot of helpful information that will allow you to also solve basic operational challenges just as our customer service team would.

Also, as part of an on-going effort to provide you the best service, it is important that we clarify our customer service operation: 

1)     Our customer service center is open from 6AM – 10PM CST Monday through Friday. 

2)     Training and market launch efforts must continue to be scheduled (24 hours advance notice required) with a 32M representative between the peak hours of 8AM to 5PM CSTWe do not do administrative training or market launch support during non-peak hours.  Non-peak hours support is solely dedicated to ensuring the proper functionality of kiosks and the administrative software. 

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