Earn Free Product from Schwan’s …

We have another Micro Market opportunity for you to take advantage of …

Are you opening a new store? Have you just opened? Then this opportunity is for you!

New Micro Markets can earn free Schwan’s pizza and pie products in a buy one get one promotion through G & J! (This offer is limited to specific areas of the country. To see if the offer is available in your area CLICK HERE)

To take advantage of this offer:
1) Download or Save the Schwan’s New Market Offer Form to your computer.

2) Fill out all required information either on your computer’s PDF viewer or by printing the document.

3) Email or Fax your completed form to the contact listed on the bottom of the form.
OrderEntry@GandJ.com or (Fax) 727.786.0819

Again, our contact here in the Mid-West is Dawn Tisdell, for assistance, more information, or to learn about a contact in your area, feel free to contact Dawn at:

Dawn Tisdell

or take a look at the G&J website!