Don’t Just Dream … Do

Don’t Just Dream … Do

Welcome to the time of year where people all over the world are dreaming about how they would change their lives, their business, their situation, themselves. This year instead of just dreaming … do it!

Tips for getting your resolutions done:

  1. Research. It may sound silly, but what better way to start off the new year then to be informed as to how you can best accomplish your goal. So hit the library, Google, Bing, or ask a friend or co-worker.
  2. Eliminate Wasteful Activities.  That’s right! Checking your Facebook, playing online games, or watching endless amounts of TV won’t get you where you want to be. Don’t get me wrong … relaxing and enjoying your life is important too. Try cutting these time wasters in half.
  3. Set realistic goals.  If you truly want to achieve something this year, make sure your goals are something that you CAN accomplish. Losing 15lbs or making $10 million overnight will probably never happen. Don’t limit your dreams, but give yourself the time to actually get there.
  4. Recruit Help. Join support groups, use local resources … for many common new year’s resolutions, there are groups that you will be able to join for support. You can also lean on close friends, family and coworkers.
  5. Start Now. Don’t wait until the ball drops to start towards your new future – get a jump on the new year!  The clock striking midnight is not going to make things automatically crystal clear.
  6. Know that your past does not dictate your future. In reality, a resolution is about a change you want to make. That doesn’t mean you have to turn a failure into a success, but that you should take the benchmarks that you have to move forward in a positive light.

Go forth and achieve!

Happy New Years! From 32Market