It’s Here.


The season for Fall-everything is here!
Is your market ready for it?

Don’t be left out of the game. (Pumpkin) spice up your product list to keep your people happy and cozy this Autumn! See what I did there?

A classic, go-to Fall product that you absolutely should offer in your market is coffee! We’ve got you covered. 32M is a coffee-friendly company and we’re even testing out some of the products for you (nobody is complaining here)! 

On a scale of 1 to “screech” how do you like your coffee?


With our 32M-approved vendor, Pod Pack, you get the brewing experience of a coffee house at your office! “Go Bold. Or Not. There’s a flavor for everybody.” Pods offer a variety and convenience of fresh brewed coffee, one cup at a time, while leaving virtually no waste. They are compostable, to reduce waste by 90%! They’re also designed specifically for your brewer and cost as little as $0.24 shipped.

Not sold yet? Customize your Pod packaging to reflect your brand. Plus, if you’re a new customer, mention Three Square Market to receive a Free Sample Kit worth $100! (Contact Kelly Walker at, or call 225.752.1160 ext. 205)


Now that you’ve got the Pods, you’ll need a brewer to make that perfect Cup of Joe. We have exactly what you need!

Click on the products below for more details:




Sneak Peek!

32M is developing a new Merchandiser! We know your employees love their coffee as much as we do, so we’re building a Merchandiser that fits all of your coffee-lovin’ needs! Keep an eye out, it’s coming soon.