Attract Talented Millennials


Here’s a blog post we LOVE, written by Juan Gonzalez on LinkedIn:

“Have you ever wondered why is hard to attract and retain good young talent? After talking to several benefit service companies, recently employed millennials, and HR managers, I concluded that aside from financial security, the company’s health perception is up at the top of their priorities. “When asked to define ”healthy,” Millennials are more likely to define it as “eating right” compared with earlier generations.” -What’s Your Healthy Survey, Aetna 2013

Millennials not only come wired technologically, but are more conscious about their environment than we think. For them, a more humane society is important, but also a healthier society. They are very concerned about how our country it’s been fed, and the health damages our food is causing to our future generations. Millennials are extremely conscious about the escalating numbers of young adults developing obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. They say, that is very scary for them.

When Silicon Valley companies started offering access to healthy food as part of the perks when attracting and retaining young talent, it became obvious that healthy food was a key benefit for retain the millennial generation.

If you really care about the future of managers and c-suite executives of your company, it is better to start considering healthy food as one of the top benefits to attract and retain younger generations. Why wait?

Juan Gonzalez – Founder

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