It’s Your Lucky Day!

Does Friday the 13th have you worried about your break room market? Let Three Square Market put your mind at ease … We offer solutions, unlike any other provider!


Our expert staff can view what’s happening on your kiosks, as well as control it, with our remote kiosk access. If any issues occur, we are able to swoop in and solve them right away – no waiting for staff to travel to your market.

Having trouble finding an internet connection? Establish a consistent and reliable network connection to run your kiosk with one of our unbeatable cradle point packages!

32M offers the most complete anti-theft tools – Our theft management approach combines reporting technology with security camera footage to pinpoint inventory discrepancies in the most productive way possible.

Don’t cry over spoiled milk – Our innovative technology not only monitors the freshness of the products stocked in your market(s), but provides a quick and easy way to keep ahead of all expiration dates. 32Market’s software also assists in creating store orders in just minutes vs. hours with other provider’s technology, or lack thereof!

Feel lucky every day when you choose Three Square Market for your break room!

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