The Sweetest Bang For Your Buck


Okay, okay! I know we typically promote healthy food items in your market, but hear us out. Everybody’s got a sweet tooth! And everybody deserves to indulge every once in awhile. So why not satisfy their sweet tooth while earning a sweet deal yourself? It’s a win-win.

Our Snack Time candies come in ~4oz. bags and 100 bags per case. You purchase an entire case for just $72.95. With MSRPs of $1.79 each, (time to do a little math) you’re earning a profit margin over 100%! Told you it’s a sweet deal.


We currently have seven varieties available including: Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers, Butterscotch Buttons, Atomic Fireballs, Starlight Mints, Root Beer Barrels, and Lemon Heads.

Now, make like Tom Haverford and …




♫ A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down ♫

Today, 90% of vending sales come from 30% of employees at a location. Bring in the other 70% by incorporating all types of diets and diversifying your product offerings. Three Square Market can help!

Our new product options would make Mary Poppins proud! We’ve added medicine and the spoonful of sugar to help it go down:

Snack Time Candy Bags will cure any sweet-tooth. Choose from 8 flavors including Starburst, Jolly Ranchers, Lemon Heads and more! Purchase cases of 100 bags for just $89.95 including Shipping and Handling. (MSRP: $1.79/bag)

Lil’ Drug Store Displays contain products that help people to feel better and live easier. When consumers need convenient remedies, you can be there for them with these convenient, profitable displays! Starting at just $184.95

Find these options and more on

Don’t miss out on this sweet opportunity!


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner …

Did you know that the average U.S. consumer is expected to spend $116.21 on Valentine’s Day gifts, meals and entertainment?

141,000,000 Valentine’s day cards are exchanged worldwide, and 52.1% will buy cards for Valentine’s day.

Men spend double what women spend on Valentine’s day $158.71 vs. $75.79.

In total, $1.7 Billion will be spend on flowers this Valentine’s day.

Chocolate and candy sales reach profits of $1,011 Billion during the Valentine’s season.

Have you thought about adding last minutes Valentine’s gifts to your market this week? Themed candies, cards or even fresh flowers for those customers who haven’t quite thought ahead on a Friday afternoon!  Claim a part of the $116.21 that individuals spend this time of year at your own location – especially if you have a higher percentage of male market-users!