People Who Need People: Employee Recognition

Barbra Streisand told us that “people who need people are the luckiest people in the world”. As an operator, who needs clients, who need employees, you’re in luck! We are introducing Employee Recognition Tools to enhance your offer to clients and to recognize employees for the work they do.

Make the most of your Three Square Market by getting your customers excited about it! How? Promoting and using the new Employee Recognition Tools will not only increase your sales but will also help you help your clients show appreciation to their employees and benefit how your market runs!

In 2012, the Landmark Group posted a quote that we love:

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Companies that recognize their employees for the work they do (often and with rewards!) motivate them to keep up the good work and increase moral, too! Using employee recognition is a fantastic strategy to having happier, healthier employees – and we love that idea!


The Landmark Group also posted this:

Research has shown that a timely, effective ER can benefit the company by:

  •         improving sales and boosting bottom lines,
  •         motivating employees,
  •         reducing absenteeism,
  •         creating an enjoyable working environment,
  •         making employees feel appreciated, and
  •         improving organizational productivity.

Other ways Employee Recognition Tools can benefit the Operator include:

  •         gaining new market spaces
  •         impressing and gaining clients
  •         increasing market usage
  •         increasing market promotion

As an operator, you can encourage your clients to use this resource by showing them the benefits to their company and giving them the push towards using ER. For example you could say:

“Letting employees know that you see the hard work they do makes them feel appreciated and gets them motivated to continue improving. Recognizing them should be done often and there are countless ways to do so!”

Here are some that we like and suggest:

  •         New Employee Reward – $5 on account to get started
  •         Employee of the Month – % discount off of purchases (during award month) (Coming Soon! Try Mobile Discounts for now to boost your sales potential!)
  •         Employee of the Quarter/Year – $$ on account
  •         Above & Beyond the Call of Duty Award (ABCD) – accept nominations, $$ on account to winner
  •         Employee Birthday – % discount off of purchases (during birthday week/month) (Coming Soon! Try Mobile Discounts for now to boost your sales potential!)
  •         Etc… Be creative – the possibilities are endless (:

Employee Recognition Tools offers a win-win-win situation. Help employees to help your clients to help you.

Get excited – this opportunity will be coming soon!