School Budgets: How We’re Helping

Operators – this is your opportunity to reach an entirely new range of potential clients! Three Square Market is the first provider to bring School Markets into the break room market arena. This cost-cutting approach is going to be a huge help to schools facing budget cuts. How? Instead of having to let valuable teachers go due to lacking funds, schools can eliminate unnecessary lunch room costs! A Three Square School Market will offer a variety of fresh, refrigerated meals that meet nutritional guidelines. Each meal is bar coded and stocked by you. Students scan and pay with cash or card, using thumbprint recognition or a quick pin … just like in your break room markets! The kiosks can be programmed to allow parents to track what their kids are eating. They can also restrict certain items if their child has allergies or health conditions such as diabetes.

“With the budget crunches so many schools face, they can take out all the kitchen equipment, and eliminate kitchen and maintenance staff, except for a person to oversee it.” – Patrick McMullan, COO.

Executive Kiosk_White_32mAcademy

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