This Is Our House

Three Square Market is proud to say we produce and manufacture everything in-house! From in-house designed software to our in-house built kiosks, 32M does it all.

32M utilizes top of the line CAD software. We also offer our customers the ability to customize kiosks and 32M Merchandisers, making it fun and easy to get the product of your dreams!IMG_4508.JPG

32M is currently located in Hudson, WI where we have two warehouses that store, design, and produce our products. With an expansion to River Falls, WI in the near future, 32M plans to increase our in-house production with a new 200 x 200+ foot merchandiser Warehouse.

  Why do we operate in house?

  • Customers can always expect high quality materials and products
  • No middle man! Purchase our low priced products easily on our web-store (
  • Get your products fast with an impressive 2-3 week turn around period
  • In-house design allows for unique customization


As we grow and evolve as a company, we understand the importance of controlling our business by doing everything in-house. gain access to all of the benefits that come along with operating in-house, by choosing Three Square Market as your one-stop shop!