Thanks for Keeping Us Young, Interns!

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This Summer TurnKey and 32Market Welcomed 9 Interns Aboard!

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank our summer interns for all of their hard work. For the past three months our interns have pushed us to be better every day. They worked in various areas of both Turnkey and 32Market including Wood-shop, Marketing, Media Production, and Administration. Our companies truly appreciate everything the interns have done. We have enjoyed challenging them while also helping them gain experience. Oh, and we had a little fun along the way! Our companies love working with interns because they are so eager to learn!  We want to thank them for their fresh ideas and positive attitudes. It truly has been our pleasure to work with these driven young interns. We wish them the best of luck this school year, and we hope our paths will cross again in the future!

Meet the 2016 Summer Interns:

Alex Westby- Administration

Charlie Hilger- Wood Shop

Garret Westby- Wood Shop

Jacob Dickmeyer- Wood Shop

Kaitlyn Timmins- Administration

Kayla McMullan- Media Production

Lexi Klein- Marketing

Sam Capistrant- Wood Shop

Sam Westby- Wood Shop

Patrick Murphy- Wood Shop

The Interns were presented with a card & a cake to celebrate their hard work!
Alex Westby and Kaitlyn Timmins spent some of their summer working on 32Market decals.

Don’t Miss These Software Release Notes!

Website 1.49 and Kiosk V.23 Release Notes

The following changes are included in the upcoming release. For the full release notes click here. For additional information please contact us at

Kiosk Message Start and End Date

Kiosk message can now have a date range applied to coincide with a coupon or other promotion

Smarter Ordering- Additional Inventory Intelligence

Automatic ordering has become even smarter! The system will now take a snapshot of past sales data to estimate which items will sell between your order and delivery date, to keep you closer to a truly full market.

Multiple Store Option for Cash Box Reconciliation 

You will now be able to select multiple stores for your cash box reconciliation rather than running the report for each store.

Open Cash Tills Report

Using this report you will be able to see what your cash boxes currently list for a total amount in real time. To use this report go to: Site Admin> Reports> Accounting Reports> Cash On Hand

Global Inventory Update

You will now be able to select a specific date to review your inventory information for that specific time. This feature even allows you to select a date in the past to see the previous state of your inventory. To Use this report go to: site Admin> Store> Inventory Levels> View Current Inventory

Items Sold

An added report to allow you to quickly see an inventory list of items sold based on your timeline. To use this report go to: Site Admin> Reports> Item Sales

Reward Date Extension Resolution 

We have fixed a bug that caused the end date to not save properly in the Rewards page.

“Theft” Added to Profit and Loss Report

Theft data has been added to the profit and loss report. Theft and Spoilage options have also been added to the warehouse inventory, previously available under store inventory.

Profit and Loss Report

You now have additional options for invoice fields on your summery report.

What Sets Us Ahead of the Competition?

1. Unbeatable Customer Service

remote_iconOur exceptional customer service is one way we are able to prove our willingness to help our customers. Our customer service team is always eager to help in any way that they can. If we are not able to solve a problem over the phone we will send someone to the site to help as soon as someone is available. At 32Market we put our customers first. 

2. Fingerprint Technology

Our fingerprint technology is another way 32Market is able to surpass the competition. At fingerprint_icon32Market we are always looking for innovative ways to grow. Our kiosks are equipped with Biometric Fingerprint Technology which allows customers to pay for their items simply by using their fingerprint. This form of payment makes it easy for people to purchase items from their micro market. 

3. 32Market App

screen568x56832Market received a patent for our smartphone application on October 27, 2015. Our smartphone application offers another unique and convenient way to pay. The app does everything a kiosk does except take cash. The app even gets you checked out faster than a kiosk! The app also includes administrative functions such as inventory management, reporting, and more! Our smartphone application gives us an irreplaceable competitive edge in the micro market industry.

32Market is a special company for many reasons. It is our priority to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with our products. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and we are always looking for ways to improve. We also offer many unique services and products.These are just a few ways 32Market is able to set itself ahead of competitors. To experience all that 32Market has to offer, visit our website or our online store for more information or contact us today!


Check Out Our Mobile App!

Download Today!mobapp

32Market’s mobile app is simply unbeatable! It is the original mobile application in the Micro Market world. Our smart phone application opens the door to putting a kiosk in each customer’s hand. The mobile app allows customers to monitor their market account 24×7. Customers are also able to checkout faster by using the mobile app.Simply scan in the bar code and pay for the item on your smart phone! The app is great for Vendors too! Vendors are able to use the mobile application for inventory management and much more.  Download the 32Market App today for FREE. Our App is patented, so you cannot find anything else like it! We have worked hard to provide the most convenient and innovative way to navigate your Micro Market! For more information call 715.386.2233 or visit our website today!


We’re On The Move!

Three Square Market and TurnKey Corrections are packing up and moving to River Falls, WI!  A new facility is currently being built in River Falls. The new headquarters is expected to be finished this winter. The headquarters will include a state of the art building, with a new warehouse, more office space, conference rooms, fun benefits such as an exercise room for all employees, and so much more!


With our companies growing fast, we knew it was time to expand our facilities. To get the ball rolling we held a groundbreaking ceremony that took place on May 23rd, 2016. 32Market and TurnKey Corrections came together with the city of River Falls to celebrate! Employees, friends, and family gathered to witness this exciting step in our companies’ history. We are excited and honored to be making the move to River Falls! For more updates on the new headquarters check out our Facebook and Twitter pages!


Don’t Lose Your Employees to the Other Guy!

Breakroom markets have many benefits, but one of the biggest is their ability to help retain employees!  Breakroom markets allow your employees to have access to quick and healthy meals, snacks and drinks 24/7!

rome cafe

Since breakroom markets are located in the comfort of your business, employees can spend more of their break time relaxing and regrouping, rather than having to drive to a restaurant or gas station for lunch. Employees can return to work faster and more energized than ever before with breakroom markets!

Breakroom markets also contain a wide variety of healthy options. Your employees can enjoy fresh lunches and snacks with just a quick walk down the hallway! From fresh salads and wraps to energy bars and fruit cups, breakroom markets offer it all. Employees can also eliminate the need to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work by purchasing entrees, snacks, drinks, and other products from a breakroom market. Help your employees stay healthy and efficient by installing a 32Market in your building today! 


32M also makes it extremely easy for employees to purchase items from a breakroom market. Customers are able to pay via smart phone application, fingerprint, cash, or a credit card! Customers can also monitor their account 24/7 on our smartphone application.

Let’s make your breakroom market specific and unique to your needs. Retain your employees over meals by offering them a healthy and convenient option with 32Market! Experience all of these benefits in your business and contact 32Market today or visit our website!

Meet Our Kiosks!

32Market is proud to offer several different models of kiosks. We understand that each of our customers have unique needs. We want to offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to ensure that our customers are getting exactly what they want. Take a look at each of our kiosks below and visit our website to order a kiosk today!

  1. The Senior Executive Kiosk    Senior Kiosk

    The Senior Executive Kiosk is the newest option in break room technology. This kiosk
    is a full-sized floor standing kiosk. It is made out of powder-coated steel. The Senior Executive has a 22″ and a 19″ touchscreen! It also offers MEI Bill Acceptor, Credit Card Swipe, Bar Code Scanner, In-Kiosk Web Camera, and Biometric Fingerprint Technology.

  2. The Executive Kiosk     Executive kiosk.png

    The Executive Kiosk is our most popular kiosk style. The Executive Kiosk is a full-sized floor standing kiosk. It comes equipped with a 19″ touchscreen, MEI Bill Acceptor, Biometric Fingerprint Technology, Credit Card Swipe, Bar Code Scanner, and an In-Kiosk Web Camera.

  3. The Junior Kiosk Junior Kiosk

    The Junior Kiosk is a half-sized kiosk made of powder-coated steel. It comes ready for wall mount or tabletop usage. the junior kiosk comes with a  19″ touchscreen, MEI Bill Acceptor, Credit Card Swipe, Bar Code Scanner, Biometric Fingerprint Technology and an In-Kiosk Web Camera. The Junior Kiosk is perfect for locations that are looking to save space!

  4. The Tablet Kiosk Tablet Kiosk

    The Tablet Kiosk is equipped with a 12″ touchscreen and enclosed in a powder-coated steel case. This kiosk comes ready for either wall mount or table top usage. The Tablet Kiosk is a cashless kiosk, but it is equipped with Credit Card Swipe, Bar Code Scanner, Biometric Fingerprint technology and In-Kiosk Web Camera. This small kiosk can fit anywhere!

  5. Add Customization customization

    32Market Kiosks are available in the standard colors of 32M blue, white or black. However, we encourage our customers to customize their kiosk since there is no extra charge! This is a chance to get creative, and to make your kiosk unique to you!

Catch us at the River Falls Parade!

What: River Falls Parade   

When: Today 6 PM

Where: River Falls, WI

Who: TurnKey & 32Market

Join us today in River Falls, WI for the annual River Falls Parade! We have been working for weeks putting together an awesome float using our own materials and our computer aided design and manufacturing! We think you will be impressed. The parade starts at 6:00 PM. This is one of the largest parades around, so don’t miss it! TurnKey and Three Square Market will be giving out candy, frisbees and more! Look for us in our TurnKey and 32Market company shirts. Don’t forget to get a picture with our float and tweet with us live from the parade. For more information about us visit our website or talk to us in person tonight at the parade!

float   parade2

3 Reasons You Should Customize Today!

Since 32M operates completely in-house, it is easy for us to customize your product! Not only can we customize a breakroom market to fit anywhere in your building, but we can also customize the kiosks with fun colors, logos, and designs. With 32M you have the ability to make your kiosk unique to you. Here at 32M it’s not always all about business. We want you to enjoy your product as much as we enjoy making it.

Below are three reasons you should customize your kiosks today!

  1. It’s free!

    There is no extra charge to customize your kiosk! We believe that customization is something that sets our company apart from the rest. We want you to be excited about your product and enjoy it. With no extra cost, there is no reason not to customize.

  2. Customizing your kiosk adds a little more fun to the process.

    Allow us to embrace the creative side of what we do at 32M. We want to make your kiosk as unique as possible. Make it fun and exclusive to your market. Use your kiosk as a marketing tool! By adding logos and designs you are able to get the most out of your kiosk. 

  3. Customized kiosks are always more appealing to the customers!

    By adding customization to your kiosk, you will spark an interest and curiosity about your market into your customers. Don’t hesitate, let us add some attention-grabbing colors or designs to instantly bring some joy into your customer’s day!                     


Executive Kiosk_White_NAMAwrap.pngChoosing to customize your kiosk helps you and us in many ways. It’s a win-win! We want to provide you with the best product possible. Give us a call today or visit our website to find out more information and customize today!

Ask us about other customizable options including our Launch Marketing Packet and NEW 32M Merchandisers!