Nutrition Information Functionality: In Case You Haven’t Heard!


HUDSON, Wis. – Nov. 30, 2016 – PRLog — Three Square Market (32M) announced that it will be the first company to provide consumers nutrition information right on the point of sale kiosk.  This new feature will be one of several new features to be released between now and the next NAMA convention in April, 2017.

“With the industry requirements for vending requiring nutrition information to be viewable, we felt it was time to apply technology and be ahead of the regulatory curve and show all nutrition information right on the kiosk for any product” said Patrick McMullan, Chief Operating Officer for 32M.  “This is another industry-first feature that we are certain both our operators and end user clients will be thrilled with.  And this feature will also be available on our jail technology as well, an industry-exclusive in the inmate commissary arena also”.

The 32M nutrition information will be a seamless upgrade for all operators globally.  Current markets will see this feature released this week and all new markets opened in December will automatically have this feature.  “Operators will have to do absolutely nothing for this to appear on their kiosks” added 32M President Curt Giles.  “And when our total caloric consumption feature comes out next year, no one will touch the wellness impact 32M will bring to the marketplace.  With nutrition information requirements and consumer tastes evolving constantly, a 32M customer will always have the latest information with a scan of the product”.

2016 has been an outstanding year for 32M.  Not only has the company doubled in size, 32M also successfully launched a fixture division of their company that has made significant growth in less than 6 months.  Plus, 32M has also launched a full-service initiative where they become the warehouse for the market operator supplying literally everything that goes in to the store including coolers, fixtures, beverages, dry goods and more.  “We are a one-stop shop where an operator could literally be virtual – they would have no overhead whatsoever” added Mr. Giles.

Three Square Market operates locations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Australia and New Zealand.  New markets will be opening soon in additional countries.  32M is a subsidiary of TW Companies which also owns corrections technology leader TurnKey Corrections (TKC) and TurnKey Correctional Supply.  In addition to breakroom solutions, 32M is providing self checkout technology now in other industries.  32M manufactures all of their own kiosks and fixtures at their headquarters.  32M and TKC will be moving in to their state of the art new headquarters in River Falls, WI in December, 2016 also.  “Our new headquarters will house our next era of growth and provide a new level of service to our clients” added Mr. McMullan.  “There isn’t anything in our new building that won’t be first class in every aspect”.


The Sweetest Bang For Your Buck


Okay, okay! I know we typically promote healthy food items in your market, but hear us out. Everybody’s got a sweet tooth! And everybody deserves to indulge every once in awhile. So why not satisfy their sweet tooth while earning a sweet deal yourself? It’s a win-win.

Our Snack Time candies come in ~4oz. bags and 100 bags per case. You purchase an entire case for just $72.95. With MSRPs of $1.79 each, (time to do a little math) you’re earning a profit margin over 100%! Told you it’s a sweet deal.


We currently have seven varieties available including: Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers, Butterscotch Buttons, Atomic Fireballs, Starlight Mints, Root Beer Barrels, and Lemon Heads.

Now, make like Tom Haverford and …




Cyber Monday’s Gone But Our Bundles Are Here To Stay!


Hopefully you were able to take advantage of our Cyber Monday/s Bundle Deal this year. If not, don’t worry … we’ve still got you covered! Our Bundles aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they are changing the face of micro markets!

What’s The Big Deal?

The big deal is this: You get a complete market solution in just one click. We’ve taken everything you need to run a successful market, tied it all together, and added a bow! … Okay, we didn’t literally add a bow, but we’re guessing the unmatched prices will make up for it. Think about it – Where else are you able to purchase kiosks, coolers, merchandisers, signage AND product (a.k.a. an entire operating market) for under $7,000??

The Junior Executive Bundle: $6,895.00

Not Big Enough For You?

We’re one step ahead. The bundles are designed for market growth. Each merchandiser is cut with expansion holes on either side to easily connect additional merchandisers if you should choose to do so, either in the future or right now! Simply build the next merchandiser and connect it to the existing one.


What Do You Get?

Depending on your market needs, choose either an original Bundle or a Mini Bundle:

  • Each Mini Bundle includes: a 2ft SlatWall Merchandiser + Tabletop with signage, either a Junior Executive (with the option to customize) or Express LITE Kiosk, and your choice of the Candy, Power Tower, or Drug Store Bonus.
  • The original Bundle includes everything listed in the Mini Bundle PLUS a Cooler and Cooler Surround Merchandiser with signage.
The Bonuses:
  • The Candy Bonus includes five cases (100 bags each) of Snack Time Candies.
  • The Power Tower Bonus includes a Power Tower supply and 10 Power Banks.
  • The Drug Store Bonus includes a 228 piece Lil’ Drug Store display.

Can’t Wait Any Longer?

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In Your Face … Nutritional Facts

Maybe you saw our press release?!

Another industry-first feature under our belt, check out our newest add-on, Nutritional Fact information displaying directly on the kiosk.  nutrition-2

This new feature is just one of many new features to be released between now and the NAMA OneShow in April 2017. With industry requirements moving towards complete transparency regarding nutritional information, Three Square Market pushed the envelope to apply this advancement well before regulatory demand.  The addition of a Calorie Consumption feature, to be added in 2017, the wellness initiative options with 32M are top notch.
The 32M nutrition information will be a seamless upgrade for all operators globally, going out in the latest software update.  New markets opened in December will see this advancement from day one.

Have questions? Want to learn more?

Attract Talented Millennials


Here’s a blog post we LOVE, written by Juan Gonzalez on LinkedIn:

“Have you ever wondered why is hard to attract and retain good young talent? After talking to several benefit service companies, recently employed millennials, and HR managers, I concluded that aside from financial security, the company’s health perception is up at the top of their priorities. “When asked to define ”healthy,” Millennials are more likely to define it as “eating right” compared with earlier generations.” -What’s Your Healthy Survey, Aetna 2013

Millennials not only come wired technologically, but are more conscious about their environment than we think. For them, a more humane society is important, but also a healthier society. They are very concerned about how our country it’s been fed, and the health damages our food is causing to our future generations. Millennials are extremely conscious about the escalating numbers of young adults developing obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. They say, that is very scary for them.

When Silicon Valley companies started offering access to healthy food as part of the perks when attracting and retaining young talent, it became obvious that healthy food was a key benefit for retain the millennial generation.

If you really care about the future of managers and c-suite executives of your company, it is better to start considering healthy food as one of the top benefits to attract and retain younger generations. Why wait?

Juan Gonzalez – Founder

(CLICK HERE to view his original post.)

Pick And Ship


We understand you need to focus on what’s most important for your business. That’s why we’ll take care of the rest for you! Let us do the heavy lifting and be your warehouse. All you need to do is stock your shelves, collect your money, and maintain your inventory.

OUR expertise lies in building successful markets. YOUR expertise lies is operating them. It makes perfect sense for us to build the market and for you to run it. Instead of spending unnecessary time worrying about getting products from a warehouse to your markets, spend your time ensuring that your markets are being operated successfully. With Pick And Ship, we become a well-oiled machine!

Why YOU Need To Sell Fresh Food

It’s time to freshen up your market … literally!

People want  to buy fresh food. More specifically, Millennials want to buy fresh food. And as the largest generation in the US labor force, it’s time to get on board with making Millennials happy! According to the Private Label Manufacturers Association, fresh food is number one on their shopping lists. Take a look at these numbers:


Whether you expect them to be or not, Millennials are actually more loyal to their favorite stores than their parents! Impress them by stocking the fresh food they’re craving, and have them always coming back for more … or better yet, recommending your market to others!

But wait! Millennials aren’t the only people we want to impress, right? Of course not. Data actually shows that freshness is “the most important food characteristic to consumers across the board”! Impress them all by incorporating the six foods that are currently trending:


(Click for more details)

A recent Vending Market Watch article shows that “three in four consumers are willing to pay extra for snacks made with high quality ingredients” …

… and that “half2of consumers say healthier snacks would motivate them to buy more from specialty snack shops.”

Take advantage of this healthy trend – Fill their bellies with fresh food and they will fill your market with customers!

Get the latest, FRESHEST products on our webstore:

Why Markets? See For Yourself …

Why should employees spend half of their break time driving around? Let them use their entire break to relax and recharge. It will increase productivity and employee satisfaction. See for yourself …

A Couple Other Things arrow.png

  • Instead of having to inhale fast food, longer breaks give employees a chance to choose a healthier option and actually chew their food! Snacking on brain food is going to help them feel a lot better and brighter than shoveling in sugary and greasy foods.
  • Let’s be honest – We’ve all had a moment where we get completely overwhelmed by over thinking a problem we’re working out. The answer always seems to come after setting it aside for a while and calming your mind down. Cutting down the drive time means less rushing around and more shutting your brain off. Employees need that big advantage so that when the clock starts back up, they’ve had a chance to clear their mind, and can focus better on REAL solutions.

Still not convinced?

Call us: 715-386-2233

Ahead of the Trend: Non-Food Sales

We have been pushing non-food sales from the beginning … and finally our competition is starting to catch on! Don’t get left behind. Stay ahead of the trends with the leader – 32M! Here are a few reasons why non-food sales in your markets are so important:

Use Break Time For Breaks

One of the key selling points of a micro market is
the idea that employees will never have to leave the
building to get  the products they really want.
They can spend more of their  break time recharging,
increasing productivity during work.




A micro market is not limited to foods that fit inside
a vending machine. So why stop there?
Don’t limit your market to foods
We have been encouraging the use of non-food products
since the very beginning! And we have since adapted
to offer many non-food options at the best prices
for our operators.
Transform your market into the one-stop
shop employees are searching for.



Did You Know??

What’s the perfect non-food product? It’s a no-brainer!


These days, mobile = $! Don’t get left in the dust as mobile sales shoot through the roof. Our Power Bank is easy to use, with 8000 mAh, Android and Apple compatible, and includes a cable and a flashlight. Only $9.95 each from 32M. 

And the best part … Sell our Power Bank for 100% markup and still have the BEST price on the market! MSRP $19.95




Don’t Stop There!

Stock your store with more than just snacks,
drinks, and meals. These items are what employees
are leaving work to buy. Catch their attention
and earn their purchase with products like
OTC medications, electronic accessories, and toiletries.
Make your market the one-stop shop they are craving!




A Quick Recap:

1. Non-food sales keep employees at work and give them
more break time to … well, take a break!
2. Transform your market into a one-stop shop by adding non-food products.
3. Mobile = $. The best non-food product for your market is our Power Bank.
4. Check out our other non-food products to stock your store!



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3 Simple Tweaks to Reach Your End Goal

Today marks the first official day of Autumn for 2016. The end of the year is well on its way and I am certain you have goals to reach. Take a minute to be honest with yourself and really think … what have I done TODAY to reach my goal?

It’s 11:00 am central time so chances are you’ve been at work for a solid few hours today. Let’s go with 4 – that’s 240 minutes. That’s two hundred and forty opportunities to reach your end goal. Did you take them? We all have limited time and most of you already know to make every minute count. Sometimes, though, it’s easier said than done. Let’s talk about a few ways you can tweak your minutes spent so that you’re truly on the right track to reaching your goals.

The Tweaks:

  1. Know The Cost

    Productivity comes at a price. Write down your end goal and then make a list of everything you are going to have to give up or “spend” to reach it. Maybe there’s a major client and they can only meet during your weekend trip to the cabin. The cost is giving up your weekend of fun (but hey, closing a big deal is fun in our eyes). Maybe you want to take a seminar to develop a skill. Your cost is giving up the three hours of time you could be working on your other project. Whatever it may be, knowing the cost ahead of time will help you, when the situation occurs. Instead of being disappointed that your plans are suddenly foiled, you know you thought of this and made a choice. You’ll already know what to do and know it’s worth it in the long run.
    Benefit vs Cost comparison

  2. Hide Your Inbox

    How many of your 240 minutes today have you peaked an your inbox or instantly replied to an email because “it will just take a minute”? You’re wasting your time! Now, replying to emails in a timely manner IS important. Communicating and following up is something we do every single day at our company. BUT, if you send an email and get a response within the next 4 or even 8 hours, are you happy? I am! (“Thanks for getting back to me same day – that’s speedy!”) The problem with keeping your inbox open at all times is that you lose focus on the important projects. It might only take one minute to reply, but it takes several minutes of your attention away from that clear, in-the-zone focus you should be executing on your important work. Put the inbox away and set one or two designated blocks of time each day to dig through it. Your un-scattered mind will thank you later!


  3. Start Doing

    Learning and knowing everything about your line of work and your life is amazing and, in my opinion, important. I soak up valuable content like a dry sponge thrown into water! However, reading this post and reading all the incredible books from leading executives and reading inspirational content to get you motivated is not going to help you at all … if you don’t actually do anything. You took 10 minutes to read this post (thanks, by the way!) when you should have spent 10 minutes making that follow up call to close the deal. The truth is, you’re probably not going to be successful unless you fail. Try and learn. Then try and learn again. Then again. The only way to get the success is to stop fearing about the failure and do something. Take action to reach your goal. Stop planning and start executing, right now.

    IBM keyboard

Too much to read? Here’s the gist:

  • First, know ahead of time what you will have to give up to reach your goals, so that when decisions get tough, you feel confident that you’re making the right choices to reach your goals.
  • Second, set one or two designated times to check your emails and hide it the rest of the day so you don’t lose your in-the-zone focus on your really important projects.
  • Third, having knowledge and finding inspiration is great, but you will only be on your way to success if you actually start executing your plans, rather than strategizing about them.

We want you to be successful as much as you do. We are constantly working to improve on existing and create new tools to help you execute and reach (surpass) your goals. Please, take advantage of us to get there. If we’re not doing something that we should be to make your life easier, tell us!

Now, get doing and have a wonderful, productive day!