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Want some more of sales rants and just my outlook at times in life, here is where I expand on thoughts I post on social media. Some are motivation, other facts, some praises, and others just funny stuff. I think you will find this a useful 15 minutes of your time. It is basically a summation of my experiences, mistakes, lessons learned and my passions.

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Setting Goals for ’15? Have a Simple Plan That Allows You To Achieve Them

Goals are great. Without them, where is your business and life headed. But many people start out on conquering their goals with little planning on how to hit them let alone a realistic plan to achieve success. Change that. And use possible the best example in business to follow to give yourself the best chance at success, Southwest Airlines, SWA.

SWA should be called Simple We Are Airlines. They fly only one model of airplane, the Boeing 737. Mechanics look at the same airplane every day thus there is very little grey area on what it takes to ensure a pilot has an airworthy aircraft. They board their planes the exact same way. They stock their planes the exact same way. Their luggage is put the exact same process airport to airport. Their routines do not deviate.

Thus, by making the routine the exact same every single time, it is like clockwork for every employee in their roles thus making each task to the point of mundane because they do the same thing over and over and over …. and over ….. and over again tomorrow and every day. By making each employees job easy (within reason), the SWA execution is untouched in the industry. There isn’t a courier world wide that can touch their profitability since 9/11, they are the only airline that has never seen a bankruptcy court let alone numbers in the red on their balance sheet and profit and loss. Their customer satisfaction rating by independent agencies routinely crush the competition and nearly every quarter they are #1 in being on time, luggage execution and more.

And, by making their jobs easy, SWA has employees who can focus on what matters most, customer satisfaction. Rarely will you find a SWA employee with a scowl and ask a SWA employee if they like their job and I have found my personal inspection of asking this question to be nearly 99%. And in the end, SWA is the ONLY carrier world wide to have never have a major accident. See any coincidence?

Many airlines now are borrowing and stealing SWA ideas but none of them can afford to match their simple model. Many can’t because their lack of profits forever don’t allow it. They are saddled with debt and archaic practices and systems and the legacy of buying another competitor who has a closet full of problems in every facet, they couldn’t begin to undue the mess to simply execute at the SWA level.

Thus, the point being, if you are struggling in your job, leading your department, running your division or leading your company, look at your processes and tasks. If they are so complex, archaic, lack automation, undisciplined, undefined, and don’t match anything I just described, then you need to start NOW to do this.

It is great that I outline this but unless I give you a tool to fix it, this is a worthless post. So here it is: Start with 4-5 items you MUST do every day to make yourself successful. If you have a staff, identify the same for your staff and get their input. Then micro manage the s*** out of this. Demand it and don’t be nice about accepting anything else. NOTHING. Ask yourself this question, if you did this, where would you or your business, division, branch, or LIFE for that matter, be, if you did this for the next 30 days? 60 days? And as you got those initial 4-5 actions engrained as the norm, you can begin to take on 2-3 more tasks done daily at the same intensity, some you do once or twice weekly, some even once monthly. But you again, micro manage the s*** out of this and you will change everything to where it becomes automatic and done at the highest level.

Start today. Define it and then execute it at the highest level whatever the scope may be, and what your routines spell is SUCCESS!

Let me know if I can help you plan 2015 and set your sites high.


Dead End Signs Don’t Exist on the Road to Success

Ever driven through the Rockies, especially in rural areas? How did we settle the West? No mountain or gorge became a road block. Yet, people find reasons daily even hourly to say they can’t get something done.

1) Computer is down
2) System is down
3) No cell phone reception

And these are just today’s modern conveniences. Most roadblocks are on the six inches between your ears. Get off your tail and make it happen.

If you lost reception, plan better so you don’t. Computer down, get a new one. Customer won’t buy? Offer a different product, price, voice or find a different one. But take some action to do something. Sitting and hoping is like sitting at a stop light praying the light won’t turn green because you don’t want to go to that appointment.

Get off your tail and make it happen because the world wasn’t settled because people paid attention to Dead End signs.


Always Be Selling

Many challenges on the biz world are cured by one thing: new business. Lose a customer? Replace em. Lose a product? Sell a different one. Margins slim down? Sell a new client. Having a lousy day ? Make a sale before the day ends.

With our goals for our respective businesses for 2015, whether you be an operator, a distributor, or 32M, profitability and success starts with sustained and growing top line revenues. Thus, when you look at your plans for growth in 2015, in cannot be something you look at doing “when you have time”. It isn’t something you look at doing “when you are close the area”. It is something you do daily.

You plan your day around growth. You need to look for opportunities first that are long-hanging fruit such as managing your inventory and using the 32M back end system to tell you which products to bring, up the max on, and which products to drop from a market.

Next, you consider your well-performing markets and do the #1 thing in sales that makes the next sale easy: ask for a referral. Who does your clients know that would have interest in a market? Which networking group does your HR contact belong to? Does the business owner belong to the local rotary? Which neighbor in the business park or office building would flourish with a market? And, which employee at one of your sites has a friend, a family member, a spouse, who works someplace that your end user customer can set you up with a lead to?

If you are thinking you have worked your tail off on trying to develop new business and it isn’t bearing fruit, then change your program. Develop a referral program right from one of your best clients, the actual user. A $200 32M gift card for a successful lead….do you think that might get you some referrals?

At days-end, you need to get outside your comfort zone and remember, your top line dictates your bottom line. Without that top line revenue figure moving upwards, the rest of your business becomes non-stop efficiency management which in the end, is boring and doesn’t bold well for future profits.

Need some sales insights – call me. I am always glad to help.


New Features Update

Hello 32M Followers! 

The following new features are updates that put 32M Operators more in control of their market by creating  a customer experience that exceeds other micro market solutions!  Take advantage of the following enhancements to the 32M system …

1) Meal Cards
This new features gives operators the ability to set a specific amount as a “Meal Card” and create a one-time or multiple use bar code for that amount.  This feature is great for:
– Meal Cards (treating individuals to dining in)
– Discount Cards
– Coupon Cards
These are great for business meetings and employee recognition award!

2) Abandoned Shopping Card Report
This feature is a valuable time saver in pinpointing instances of theft that may have occurred in your market.
– Snapshot of user is taken
– List of scanned items
– Time stamp of the occurrence makes it easy to match with your video feed
Deal with theft quickly and thoroughly with this new advancement in security.

3) Kiosk Advertisements
We are giving operators the ability to post slideshow advertisements on their kiosk! Advertisements loop while the kiosk is not in use. Examples:
– How To Create An Account
– How To Add Funds
– Special of the Day
– This Kiosk is Being Monitored
– Employee Appreciation
Boost your sales and your presence at your market sites by becoming  a part of their work culture!

4) Discount Feature
As an operator, you now have the ability to apply discounts to items or purchases as a whole for all account holders.  Direct your customers to utilize the checkout of your choice by applying discounts at the kiosk or on the mobile application.

Do you have questions about these updates?  Need help utilizing these great new features?  Don’t wait!  Get started right away – our customer service team is always here to help, contact Marni, Dan or Michael at 715.386.2233.