Happy Independence Day!!

It’s almost here!

Our team at Three Square Market wants to wish you a happy 4th and safe travels, this weekend!

In case you missed it, read on for our Independence Day blog post:

Get Your Business *Booming* this Independence Day!

Did you know, the first Independence Day was celebrated on July 8, 1776? The official signing took place on August 2, that year, but July 4 was not officially declared a holiday until 1870, almost one hundred years later! Get your business “in” with Independence faster than the holiday did…

Using a Three Square Market gives you the opportunity to be your own boss and to build your  business. With our solution, you can create business independence by setting your own schedule, setting your own prices, and setting your own salary. Offer your clients more independence, as well, by presenting to them our self-serve kiosks.

Here’s something we found interesting:

The history of fireworks dates back thousands of years to China, during the Han Dynasty. People believe that the first firecrackers were pieces of green bamboo. When dry fuel ran out, causing a fire to die down, people threw the bamboo into the fire. Green bamboo grows so fast that it creates pockets of air and sap, which POP when they are heated up. The loud noise scared the people and their animals so badly, that they decided to continue using these bamboo chunks in fires, each year, on the Lunar New Year. They did this to scare away an evil spirit, Nian, who they believed ate crops and people. Later, they also used it for other special occasions. The Chinese people called the bursting bamboo “pao chuk”.

You can have your business BOOMING, like the first fireworks, by using a Three Square Market!


MMP Deals from $2 off to Buy 2 Cases, Get 2 Cases from Lettieri’s!

Good afternoon!  We have two great Letteiri’s Stackers offers for your Micro Market! Check out the deals below:

Lettieri’s Breakfast Stackers Form
To take advantage of these offers:
1) Download or Save the form to your computer.

2) Fill out all required information either on your computer’s PDF viewer or by printing the document.

3) Email or Fax your completed form to the contact listed on the bottom of the form.
OrderEntry@GandJ.com or (Fax) 727.786.0819


  • $2 off per case – a savings of roughly 16 cents per unit.
  • Order guide price $1.77 – check with your Vistar rep for YOUR pricing.
  • Retails between $2.75 and $3.00 each.
  • GM of 35% to 41% or even more depending upon your cost.
  • 3 skus available.
  • Try these, your customers will love the signature Lettieri’s flaky crust and the new variety.

Lettieri’s Buy 2 Get 2 Form!


  • Buy 2 cases and get 2 Free!
  • 7 skus available.
  • 14 day refrigerated shelf life, 9 months frozen.
  • High margin, great price!
  • Merchandising trays with product ID’s and price stickers available upon request.
  • Try these, your customers will love the signature Lettieri’s flaky crust and the new variety.

Our contact here in the Mid-West is Dawn Tisdell, for assistance, more information, or to learn about a contact in your area, feel free to contact Dawn at:

Dawn Tisdell

or take a look at the G&J website!

Reminder! Use your kiosk remote support option first …

In order to allow us the time to properly answer each and every call coming into our headquarters, we ask that you please utilize your kiosk remote support options for initial trouble shooting of your kiosks before calling our customer service team.

You can test your hardware, internet speed and reboot your kiosks remotely both through 32market.com and through your mobile admin access (32market.com/mobile) using your phone web browser.  If you have questions on how to do this please call 715-386-2233.

Thank you!

The BreakRoom Market

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Although many individuals in the industry understand the term “Micro Market” and maybe even those around you on a daily basis now understand the term …

However, Micro Market can be misleading to those that do not deal with our industry every day.

What is a Micro Market?  A BreakRoom Market – it can be small or large … really it just needs to fit in the break room and fit that specific break room’s needs.  We encourage you to embrace and use this term “BreakRoom Market” with your end-user clients as it will make a clear distinction, and a clear terminology about the market you plan on providing them!




Did You Know …

Did you know that all Three Square Market kiosks have the option to be bilingual? 

At the home screen of your kiosk your customer can be given the option to switch over the kiosk to Spanish or French depending on what your area demands for.  To activate this feature or learn more – contact our technical support at 715.386.2233.

Did you know that you can create and place advertisements on your kiosk? 

Create and place scrolling advertisements for your store that play on your kiosk screen while it is not in use.  To activate or train on this feature – make an appointment with our training guru at http://threesquaremarket.schedulista.com/

Did you know that you can remotely view your kiosk from your home or office computer or smartphone? 

Never miss what is going on with your store with remote kiosk access! Log in to your mobile admin app through http://www.32Market.com and manage as well as remotely view your kiosk from anywhere with an internet connection. To learn more about this feature or train how you can use this asset effectively contact our customer support at 715.386.5700 or make an appointment at http://threesquaremarket.schedulista.com/

Have a great day!