Passion – do we like to do it

As the second part of our principles, Passion is pretty simple, either we love what we do or we don’t do it.  Weekly, we are approached with ideas to grow our business. From kiosks that sell “legal” pot to fumigating sports equipment, we have seen it….and said no. We aren’t passionate about those things, we are about what we do today.  

Being passionate means we also work passionately with people and expect the same in return.  For our products to flourish, we need partners who are as passionate as we are in being successful.  Thus, if you sense we push, we do. Because as I described in last blog, we want you to be successful otherwise, we are not.  

Go get it today, because we are.  


Read today: over 50% of companies starte

Read today: over 50% of companies started ’15 with a #wellness program. Over 50% of those already have been dropped. Go with a program that is used by nearly 90% of your employees: Breakroom Market. Better products & variety that allow employees the chance to refresh and relax and then deliver better productivity and results. Learn more:

Opening a store … follow these guidelines

Happy Friday!

We wanted to reach out before the Valentine’s weekend with a reminder for new stores that will be opening…

Going forward, Three Square Market is requiring that all stores to be opened follow these requirements:

  • 32M will have a minimum of 24 hours notice from the operator/distributor prior to opening.
  • The market location opening will also take place during the standard 32M business hours of 6:30 a.m. CST – 5:00 p.m. CST (Monday – Friday).

If the conditions are not met, then the market opening will be postponed; so that Marni, Michael, Dan or another member of the 32M staff has the adequate resources available to them to assist you with a successful store opening. This is equally as beneficial to all of you, our partners, to ensure you have the most successful opening possible.

Please reach out to Dan with all questions, comments, concerns or sarcasm. Thank you and have a great weekend!

2015 Price Sheets are Out

Distributors check out the latest.

1) All kiosks, minus Canada orders, will be shipped complete with bill acceptors included.
2) Please note the handling charge. This is for crating/pallet. REMINDER, it costs basically the same to ship four of the Market kiosks as it does one Market kiosk. Often it is more expensive to ship one of the Market kiosks than four of them. Order your kiosks in fours. We will no longer discount shipping costs on the Market units.

A few other important notes:

1) Executive Kiosk: We will be sending out pictures of the 32M Executive Kiosk this month and will be making this a BIG part of our 2015 NAMA Show.
2) Kiosk Enhancements: We will be enhancing the Market Kiosk in Q1 to include a shelf on the inside.
3) 2015 is under way and 1000 stores is the number. Look for an update this week on where we stand in starting the year out with a flash.
4) Canada is Live: Congrats Kanes Vending and Lorna Kane who has brought us live in Canada with four stores opening in the past week. Langley Wholesale out of Vancouver is right on her heels with another 2 stores opening in 14 days plus a few more on the docket for February. And Laniel is starting the process of converting an operator to 32M. Canada alone is already locked in for nearly 30 stores to be open by the end of Q1.
5) Competitor Conversions: We successfully converted a Revive kiosk this month and are in the process of converting several Revive stores starting 1/19.
6) Internet Connectivity: If you have a location who is hesitant to put us on their internet/server, please make sure you contact our customer service team and arrange a call with their IT management and our IT Team.
7) Social Media: I will be doing another social media class and several training classes starting next week. We only had 4 distributors participate last time on the social media training. Not bought in? Since our November meeting we have landed 3 new operators because of social media. The time is now.
8) HR Shows: We are attending the Canada HR Show and are booking the US HR Show in Orlando (I believe it is in Orlando this year).
9) Vegas: We will be having a User Conference at NAMA – stay tuned for details.
10) Blog: Make sure you are checking our blog when we send out updates on it. It has all of the latest IT updates/fixes/sales ideas/etc. Information is power.
11) Website: All new is live. Check it out. Much smoother look, better pictures, has a slide show of our stores and more.

A Success Anthem – Go Achieve in 2015!

I read this tonight and thought it was right on to what we are all looking to do as operators, distributors and at 32M, if we are growing our businesses.  The difference between success and other results centers upon this anthem:

All people have the same desire to succeed.  Even if all have the same desire to succeed and do similar things, is the ones with the proper mindsets who succeed the most.  Their minds can deal with any obstacle.  The ones who kick ass are the ones who can see themselves kicking ass, who truly believe in themselves, what they are selling, remind themselves how much they want to kick ass and helps others kick ass, makes themselves better and more.  These elite folks are excited about being compensated for selling and have no limitations other than doing something unethical, and certainly have no limiting or subconscious beliefs holding them back.  The ones who feel weird or who worry that pushing for a sale or a successful outcome of their efforts, are potentially annoying someone, or believe they shouldn’t succeed, WON’T.

Which path are you on?  Think about it.  It is one or the other and there are no but’s.  I always said to my kids when they were young “I don’t know who But Dad is”….. there are no if’s, can’ts or but’s on the way to success.  Believe as the anthem above says and you will kick your goals for 2015 in to high gear.

Go get it.


Contribute a Sign On Bonus to Start Their Breakroom Rehab

I love best practices, especially ones that have been used and work versus simply something talked about on a conference call and today, I heard one of the best ones I have heard in a while from Jon Evans of Choice Vending Supply in Salt Lake City, UT. I am certain this small investment will go a long way to growing sales, as it is already doing for Choice.

Jon has looked at our market start up costs versus our competition.  When he considered that to win this particular large account he is working on, he had to be the orange in an apples to apples comparison.  Thus, rather than just submitting a bid with a client that made the customer try to separate which fruit was better, Jon through an orange in the bucket by having the 32M operator add $1500 to his bid on a 2000 person site that contributed to new breakroom furniture – as Jon put – let’s contribute to the rehab of the breakroom.  He helped them “spend the $1500” by suggesting things they could do with the money: new tables/chairs, new TV’s….he got them thinking beyond just a market sale, he got them thinking about an entire environment change.  And how long will it take to recoup the investment on a large location like that?  Probably less than a week.

Think outside the box.  Know that often the offer and presentation that shows you put some thought to offer, something that is typically, can be BIG in the grand scheme.  In this instance, it was the deal sealer. Nice work Jon and Choice Vending Supply.

Patrick (with 100% credit to Jon Evans)

Difference Makers in an Elevator Speech Format

There is a lot of discussion what makes a big difference between 32M  and our competitors.  When someone asks, here is my elevator speech:

1) Our inventory management is superior to everyone; when operators let our system do its’ job, something we will train you to do, you can expect incremental profits because you have the right amount of the right products in your store and don’t have the products on the shelves that don’t sell.

2) Smart phone technology: In an industry that prides itself on bringing a revolution to an industry, 32M is the only operator that has a smart-phone application let alone has a patent on it.

3) Reliability:  When you combine our jail and market kiosks, we are the #1 provider of kiosks in this industry.  In less than 18 months, 32M has grown to be the #3 provider in micro markets alone.  Why?  Reliability.  Not because we know it, it’s because what our operators who have converted from other systems tell us.  We monitor our systems 24/7/365 to ensure they stay live.  Failure to means our inmate kiosks get destroyed and your micromarket stores are flying blind.  Our industry best-in-class monitoring gives you the peace of mind that your store is always open.

4) Profits: When you factor in the previous points, there is no debate that 32M provides you the best return on your investment in the industry.  Regardless of kiosk type, none of our competitors can match turning a profit faster with a top-notch product than 32M.

Considering that 32M only entered this arena less than 18 months ago, it tells you the major majority of operators entering the market or growing their markets, who have looked outside the biggest two system providers, have turned to 32M more than any other provider by a land-slide.  And with this momentum, 32M plans on becoming the #1 provider in the next 2-3 years.

Have a great day making a sale.


Always Be Selling

Many challenges on the biz world are cured by one thing: new business. Lose a customer? Replace em. Lose a product? Sell a different one. Margins slim down? Sell a new client. Having a lousy day ? Make a sale before the day ends.

With our goals for our respective businesses for 2015, whether you be an operator, a distributor, or 32M, profitability and success starts with sustained and growing top line revenues. Thus, when you look at your plans for growth in 2015, in cannot be something you look at doing “when you have time”. It isn’t something you look at doing “when you are close the area”. It is something you do daily.

You plan your day around growth. You need to look for opportunities first that are long-hanging fruit such as managing your inventory and using the 32M back end system to tell you which products to bring, up the max on, and which products to drop from a market.

Next, you consider your well-performing markets and do the #1 thing in sales that makes the next sale easy: ask for a referral. Who does your clients know that would have interest in a market? Which networking group does your HR contact belong to? Does the business owner belong to the local rotary? Which neighbor in the business park or office building would flourish with a market? And, which employee at one of your sites has a friend, a family member, a spouse, who works someplace that your end user customer can set you up with a lead to?

If you are thinking you have worked your tail off on trying to develop new business and it isn’t bearing fruit, then change your program. Develop a referral program right from one of your best clients, the actual user. A $200 32M gift card for a successful lead….do you think that might get you some referrals?

At days-end, you need to get outside your comfort zone and remember, your top line dictates your bottom line. Without that top line revenue figure moving upwards, the rest of your business becomes non-stop efficiency management which in the end, is boring and doesn’t bold well for future profits.

Need some sales insights – call me. I am always glad to help.