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We understand you need to focus on what’s most important for your business. That’s why we’ll take care of the rest for you! Let us do the heavy lifting and be your warehouse. All you need to do is stock your shelves, collect your money, and maintain your inventory.

OUR expertise lies in building successful markets. YOUR expertise lies is operating them. It makes perfect sense for us to build the market and for you to run it. Instead of spending unnecessary time worrying about getting products from a warehouse to your markets, spend your time ensuring that your markets are being operated successfully. With Pick And Ship, we become a well-oiled machine!

Why YOU Need To Sell Fresh Food

It’s time to freshen up your market … literally!

People want  to buy fresh food. More specifically, Millennials want to buy fresh food. And as the largest generation in the US labor force, it’s time to get on board with making Millennials happy! According to the Private Label Manufacturers Association, fresh food is number one on their shopping lists. Take a look at these numbers:


Whether you expect them to be or not, Millennials are actually more loyal to their favorite stores than their parents! Impress them by stocking the fresh food they’re craving, and have them always coming back for more … or better yet, recommending your market to others!

But wait! Millennials aren’t the only people we want to impress, right? Of course not. Data actually shows that freshness is “the most important food characteristic to consumers across the board”! Impress them all by incorporating the six foods that are currently trending:


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A recent Vending Market Watch article shows that “three in four consumers are willing to pay extra for snacks made with high quality ingredients” …

… and that “half2of consumers say healthier snacks would motivate them to buy more from specialty snack shops.”

Take advantage of this healthy trend – Fill their bellies with fresh food and they will fill your market with customers!

Get the latest, FRESHEST products on our webstore:

Why Markets? See For Yourself …

Why should employees spend half of their break time driving around? Let them use their entire break to relax and recharge. It will increase productivity and employee satisfaction. See for yourself …

A Couple Other Things arrow.png

  • Instead of having to inhale fast food, longer breaks give employees a chance to choose a healthier option and actually chew their food! Snacking on brain food is going to help them feel a lot better and brighter than shoveling in sugary and greasy foods.
  • Let’s be honest – We’ve all had a moment where we get completely overwhelmed by over thinking a problem we’re working out. The answer always seems to come after setting it aside for a while and calming your mind down. Cutting down the drive time means less rushing around and more shutting your brain off. Employees need that big advantage so that when the clock starts back up, they’ve had a chance to clear their mind, and can focus better on REAL solutions.

Still not convinced?

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Ahead of the Trend: Non-Food Sales

We have been pushing non-food sales from the beginning … and finally our competition is starting to catch on! Don’t get left behind. Stay ahead of the trends with the leader – 32M! Here are a few reasons why non-food sales in your markets are so important:

Use Break Time For Breaks

One of the key selling points of a micro market is
the idea that employees will never have to leave the
building to get  the products they really want.
They can spend more of their  break time recharging,
increasing productivity during work.




A micro market is not limited to foods that fit inside
a vending machine. So why stop there?
Don’t limit your market to foods
We have been encouraging the use of non-food products
since the very beginning! And we have since adapted
to offer many non-food options at the best prices
for our operators.
Transform your market into the one-stop
shop employees are searching for.



Did You Know??

What’s the perfect non-food product? It’s a no-brainer!


These days, mobile = $! Don’t get left in the dust as mobile sales shoot through the roof. Our Power Bank is easy to use, with 8000 mAh, Android and Apple compatible, and includes a cable and a flashlight. Only $9.95 each from 32M. 

And the best part … Sell our Power Bank for 100% markup and still have the BEST price on the market! MSRP $19.95




Don’t Stop There!

Stock your store with more than just snacks,
drinks, and meals. These items are what employees
are leaving work to buy. Catch their attention
and earn their purchase with products like
OTC medications, electronic accessories, and toiletries.
Make your market the one-stop shop they are craving!




A Quick Recap:

1. Non-food sales keep employees at work and give them
more break time to … well, take a break!
2. Transform your market into a one-stop shop by adding non-food products.
3. Mobile = $. The best non-food product for your market is our Power Bank.
4. Check out our other non-food products to stock your store!



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It’s Here.


The season for Fall-everything is here!
Is your market ready for it?

Don’t be left out of the game. (Pumpkin) spice up your product list to keep your people happy and cozy this Autumn! See what I did there?

A classic, go-to Fall product that you absolutely should offer in your market is coffee! We’ve got you covered. 32M is a coffee-friendly company and we’re even testing out some of the products for you (nobody is complaining here)! 

On a scale of 1 to “screech” how do you like your coffee?


With our 32M-approved vendor, Pod Pack, you get the brewing experience of a coffee house at your office! “Go Bold. Or Not. There’s a flavor for everybody.” Pods offer a variety and convenience of fresh brewed coffee, one cup at a time, while leaving virtually no waste. They are compostable, to reduce waste by 90%! They’re also designed specifically for your brewer and cost as little as $0.24 shipped.

Not sold yet? Customize your Pod packaging to reflect your brand. Plus, if you’re a new customer, mention Three Square Market to receive a Free Sample Kit worth $100! (Contact Kelly Walker at KWalker@PodPack.com, or call 225.752.1160 ext. 205)


Now that you’ve got the Pods, you’ll need a brewer to make that perfect Cup of Joe. We have exactly what you need!

Click on the products below for more details:




Sneak Peek!

32M is developing a new Merchandiser! We know your employees love their coffee as much as we do, so we’re building a Merchandiser that fits all of your coffee-lovin’ needs! Keep an eye out, it’s coming soon.

This Is Our House

Three Square Market is proud to say we produce and manufacture everything in-house! From in-house designed software to our in-house built kiosks, 32M does it all.

32M utilizes top of the line CAD software. We also offer our customers the ability to customize kiosks and 32M Merchandisers, making it fun and easy to get the product of your dreams!IMG_4508.JPG

32M is currently located in Hudson, WI where we have two warehouses that store, design, and produce our products. With an expansion to River Falls, WI in the near future, 32M plans to increase our in-house production with a new 200 x 200+ foot merchandiser Warehouse.

  Why do we operate in house?

  • Customers can always expect high quality materials and products
  • No middle man! Purchase our low priced products easily on our web-store (32MarketStore.com)
  • Get your products fast with an impressive 2-3 week turn around period
  • In-house design allows for unique customization


As we grow and evolve as a company, we understand the importance of controlling our business by doing everything in-house. gain access to all of the benefits that come along with operating in-house, by choosing Three Square Market as your one-stop shop!


The Finishing Touch

Three Square Market really is your one stop shop! Our new 32M Merchandisers are the perfect finishing touch to construct a market that looks as First Class as it runs. Give it a polished look and create exponential added value to your break room markets!


32M Merchandisers:

  • Maximize your ROI
  • Quality materials, easy assemble
  • Best pricing
  • Bundle your entire break room market, from merchandisers and kiosks to equipment and products, at ONE location – your point of sale experts at 32M

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A clean, effective solution for your market needs. Bundle your entire market into one package or update your existing market with a polished look. 32M Merchandisers come unassembled to save you on shipping costs and are easily assembled and set-up with a two person team. Contact us today to learn about our custom options or take a look at our products online at 32MarketStore.com.


NAMA & Our 32M Hospitality Night Are Finally Here!

Today is the day – Are you coming to the NAMA One Show?

Stop by the BEST booth at the show, #907, to learn why Three Square Market is your number one option in Break Room Market providers!


Please join us tomorrow, April 13th, at 7:30 PM for our annual (FREE) 32M Hospitality Night after the NAMA show floor closes!

There will be appetizers, drinks and plenty of great company from 32M Operators, prospective operators and our fantastic 32M staff! We are excited to spend time with you!

Shuttles will be provided from the convention center/Hyatt Lobby area to our party location and back later in the night. The 32M Hospitality Condo is located at 22 W Ontario Street, Unit 400, Chicago, IL 60654. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS.

We can’t wait to see you there!

How far you have to go is never defined by ASAP

Read recently an email from someone trying to earn our business and his closing statement was “I will get that to you ASAP”. And I thought about it for a second … You want my business but will get it to me … Eventually? No thanks. 

Now, maybe that ASAP is in five minutes but if you want my business, how about right now? If you want a new deal, what else is more important?  

Often people pursue goals looking at how far they have come. Winners see finish lines not starting lines. Wins are never won by measuring how far you came rather how you finish. And that is where the two analogies come together. 

If you want to finish ASAP, you finish now. You don’t focus on how long you have worked on something rather how much you have left – you want to finish the long trek, do it now, not later. Remove all obstacles because saying doing it ASAP may mean you get the same reaction I gave yesterday – NO thanks. 

Finish and focus on what it takes for greatness. The difference between good and great is often that last step which can be the hardest but is also the most rewarding. Do it now. It will never be easier. 

5 Simple Steps to Maximizing Your Break Room Sales


Vending Operators are given a challenge when starting into Break Room Markets. Traditional Vending has always been setting your snacks, sodas, coffee and cold food machines, then fill. And we’ve noticed that operators that try to set up their markets the same way, may fall short of their potential!

We suggest prior to setting your market, that you step into a variety of convenience stores. Look at their item placement and see how they are merchandising their products. For example, most consumers are looking for refreshments first. You will notice that generally beverages are always located at the back of the c-store, directing customers past shelves full of snacks that may catch their eye and increase their purchase.

The five basics – to achieve a high volume break room market:

– Top-Shelf Items: Highest price points and smaller, regional or gourmet brands
– Bullseye Zone: (AKA eye-level) 2nd & 3rd shelf from the top, this is your most sought after items and highest profit margin items
– Bottom Level: Less frequently purchased items (Larger bagged snacks, seasonal items)
– Near Checkout: Impulse buys such as candy, gum & mints
– Retail Items: Think outside the box and treat this as a retail shopping experience for your customer. Sundries like phone power cords, medicines, chap stick, and greeting cards provide great profit margins and easily fit into a market space vs. traditional vending.

Three Square Market has a team of professionals that can assist you with maximizing your profits by helping you to properly merchandise your store.
Let us grow your business with our system’s inventory intelligence, new products and our expertise.

Call our team today at 715.386.2233