Maximizing Your Efficiency through Mobile Admin Use

As an admin user on Three Square Market you have the capability to manage your markets via our mobile admin website, from anywhere you have internet access. Options include:

  • Creating and Receiving Warehouse and Store Orders – ensure you store is always fully stocked!
  • Remote Kiosk Support – view your kiosk from anywhere!
  • User Management – manage your store and settings!
  • Inventory Management – manage your inventory, fresh food items, and more!
  • Real Time Sales Totals and Sales Reports – see what items are or are not selling and plan your next visit!
  • Top Selling Item Trends – see your top sellers!
Using all of these reports and features can help you to increase your efficiency and your markets productivity!  To learn more about these features sign up for training via Schedulista or contact one of our staff members for a scheduled training time!
or 715.386.2233


A Fresh New Look for 32!

Good Morning 32Market followers!

I am happy to announce that after many hours of blood, sweat and tears … (okay, so maybe it wasn’t that bad) we have finally launched our new website!  Although it will always be a work in progress to keep up-to-date, this is a major step forward for us.

Please take a look! 

A few things you may notice:
1) A new, (dare I say) trendy design
2) Distributors map: This will allow future operators to enter in contact information and receive contact information for the closest operator! (Something we spoke about at our Distributor Conference)
3)  Our blog – that’s right you can now see our blog right from the website!

Have A Great Day!!


Happy Thanksgiving all you wonderful 32M Followers!

We wanted to update all of our valued partners and operators with the new features and updates we pushed out overnight on 11/25/14, before everyone hits the road to enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday with family and loved ones. So for your viewing pleasure, dive into the following enhancements to the 32M system:

1. Spoilage Function
A comprehensive update has been made to  the spoilage function for the kiosk’s communication with the website, for a more intuitive approach.

2. Cash Detail Report
This is a brand new report designed to allow for easily determining cash put in (or out) a kiosk during a specific time period. The report allows for a true cash reporting approach, without having to look at multiple places to see what cash came in or out, specific to cashbox sessions.
And for even more awesomeness, it will warn you if the ‘Till’ session date range is outside of the selected date range, by highlighting in red text. Meaning, that there is more to that till session than what is currently showing.

3. Abandoned Shopping Cart Report
The kiosk is now triggering an abandoned shopping cart when the ‘Home’ button is pushed while the cart is populated with items. It will also now show a no image picture along with details of the abandoned cart.

4. Unclaimed Funds Report
This report now includes funds left over from cash transactions when the user refuses to associate an email or log-in.

So to round out the update, there are a lot of exciting things happening around here currently, and more to come. Do you have questions about these updates? Need help utilizing these great new features?  Don’t wait!  Get started right away – our customer service team is always here to help; so contact Marni, Dan or Michael at 715.386.2233 (We prefer you call Marni though).

We really want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels from everyone at Three Square Market!

Take care,

What’s New with 32!

Hello again!

The kiosk operation and trouble-shooting manual is out and available for use.  To request a digital or hard copy of this manual please contact your 32Market staff – Dan, Michael or Myself.

Coming Soon: 
Self-help support portal for distributors and operators.  This portal will assist you with basic trouble-shooting tips, operator and distributor documents, and will also allow you to make requests for assistance via a ticket system.


New Features Update

Hello 32M Followers! 

The following new features are updates that put 32M Operators more in control of their market by creating  a customer experience that exceeds other micro market solutions!  Take advantage of the following enhancements to the 32M system …

1) Meal Cards
This new features gives operators the ability to set a specific amount as a “Meal Card” and create a one-time or multiple use bar code for that amount.  This feature is great for:
– Meal Cards (treating individuals to dining in)
– Discount Cards
– Coupon Cards
These are great for business meetings and employee recognition award!

2) Abandoned Shopping Card Report
This feature is a valuable time saver in pinpointing instances of theft that may have occurred in your market.
– Snapshot of user is taken
– List of scanned items
– Time stamp of the occurrence makes it easy to match with your video feed
Deal with theft quickly and thoroughly with this new advancement in security.

3) Kiosk Advertisements
We are giving operators the ability to post slideshow advertisements on their kiosk! Advertisements loop while the kiosk is not in use. Examples:
– How To Create An Account
– How To Add Funds
– Special of the Day
– This Kiosk is Being Monitored
– Employee Appreciation
Boost your sales and your presence at your market sites by becoming  a part of their work culture!

4) Discount Feature
As an operator, you now have the ability to apply discounts to items or purchases as a whole for all account holders.  Direct your customers to utilize the checkout of your choice by applying discounts at the kiosk or on the mobile application.

Do you have questions about these updates?  Need help utilizing these great new features?  Don’t wait!  Get started right away – our customer service team is always here to help, contact Marni, Dan or Michael at 715.386.2233.