Mobile Only Markets!!!

Hello All!

Don’t be fooled by imitators of our software!  We are the only micro market service provider that can give you the ability to open a Mobile Only market using our patent application software – Available for Android or Apple devices.

For more information about Mobile Only stores and how you can open a store for under $1000 please visit our new web page:

For more information on our patented mobile app or mobile only stores email Patrick at!

Thanks! And have an enjoyable Memorial Weekend!

We’ve got your solution for problematic internet!

Do you have issues with internet at a market? Does your site not have a pre-existing wireless or wired internet connection available to you?

Cradle Points from Three Square Market offer a permanent, reliable solution for problematic internet locations or locations with out an existing connection.  Our cradle point solution offers a consistent, high-performing wired internet connection for your kiosk as well as the ability to hook up multiple kiosk at the same market location via a quality wireless connection.  Cradle points can be attached directly to your kiosk for a quick and convenient solution to your internet worries.

Purchase your cradle point on the Three Square Market Store for a cost of $595.00. Each cradle point will service one market location and will come with our Internet Data Usage Contract with a monthly data charge of $59.95.

After working with multiple operators on locations with internet issues and extensive testing of the cradle point solution, we are confident in naming this the BEST solution for sites with internet issues.  By choosing Three Square Market as your cradle point and data service provider, you can be assured that Three Square Market is fully equipped and capable of any service requests regarding internet connectivity.  Other options may require you to work with your outside provider for assistance.

We strongly recommend the 32M Cradle Point as the #1 option for all locations lacking an internet provider or consistently dealing with connectivity issues.


In order to continue our PCI compliance we have updated our password requirements to meet PCI guidelines.

Starting on Saturday, May 10th, 2015, all users will be prompted to create a new password for their existing account. Password requirements will now be a minimum of 7 characters in length, including at least 1 letter and 1 number.  All users will be required to update their password every 90 days (website prompts will occur at this time) and previous passwords will NOT be accepted.

We strongly suggest that you inform all of your customers at your locations of this change to avoid any confusion and reduce the amount of service calls you may receive.  Please physically post this in the locations, add to your kiosk message center, or email your clients about this change prior to May 10th.

Thank you!


All Transactions Report – New Feature!

The 32M Team did not want to let this great new, little feature go unannounced to our Operators.

When you run an All Transactions report now, you will notice it includes the User’s name if they are logged in during that transaction. So now you have the ‘User’, ‘Trans ID’ and ‘Platform’ included to know who made what type of payment and on what platform it was made; all in one report.



Web Browser Usage Update

As a part of our PCI scope expansion; we need to let all of our valued operators and distributors know that starting tomorrow (3/27), everyone will need to adhere to the following requirements for accessing our website in a browser (Please ensure that all users update to one of the following):

  • Internet Explorer; anything older than version 10 will not work. This will apply to many Users, who have to use IE in the workplace.
  • Google Chrome; ensure that you, as well as your users have Chrome and the latest version of the desktop browser ( and mobile browser which can be checked in Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Mozilla Firefox; ensure that you, as well as your users have Firefox and the latest version of the desktop browser ( and mobile browser which can be checked in Google Play Store or App Store.

If anyone is not using the most updated Chrome or Firefox versions, as well as IE v10+ (still not recommended to use either way), then will not function as it should.

As always, please reach out to us with any questions or clarification that may be needed via email or call at 715.386.2233.


Three Square User Conference – Attend while at the NAMA OneShow!

View a Nama OneShow Countdown:

Rather than having you travel a separate date and time … We are hosting a 32M User Conference after-hours at the NAMA OneShow in Las Vegas!

Learn all about Three Square Market, the latest in advancements to our kiosks and what you can expect in the future with 32M!   Ask your pressing questions and talk directly with our staff!

We hope you are excited to meet with us and expand your knowledge of 32M!  More details to come – please watch your email and updated blog posts!

IMPORTANT! ACH Information

Happy Monday!!
Going forward from today, all invoices regarding ACH payments, that were previously emailed (or mailed) to you, are now accessible for you to run yourself on
Under your Site Admin Manage page, go to Reports and Accounting Reports. Choose Invoice Report from the submenu. Run the report for the new payment date range and save it to your personal accounting files.
If you have any questions please contact us! Thank you!
715.386.2233 or,, or

How to Increase Your Market Revenue – Tools Available on

There are many tools available to you as a Three Square Market Operator that you may not be using to their fullest potential!

Did you know:

  • You can generate residual sales before you even open your market? By offering an immediate credit to anyone that registers a new account you not only bypass down time at the kiosk due to new users signing up on opening day, but you also encourage their first purchase and return patronage. On top of that initial amount, extend an additional $ credit to anyone that funds their account prior to opening day! (Example: “Anyone that funds their account with $20 or more, before opening day of the market will receive an additional $3.00 credit to their account!”)

  • You can extend a discount percentage to all users, for any range of days that you specify!  You can even choose how you want to extend that discount – whether it’s to promote the mobile apps available, just at the kiosk, or both!

  • You can advertise sales for items you want to push, right on the kiosk screen!

  • You can offer a loyalty program that extends a percentage or dollar amount credit to account users that deposit a specified dollar amount!

  • You can create pre-paid discount cards that on-site human resource departments can hand out as employee appreciation rewards!

Other tactics for increasing your Market’s revenue can be:

  • Updating your store layout! Check out your month’s best sellers list and place like items near by your best sellers.
  • Pair your best sellers with your worst sellers! Offer a discount on the overall packaged items if a person buys a best seller (something they are already doing) get your worst seller at a discounted rate!
  • Add the suggestion button to your kiosk screen and encourage your customer to use it! Ask for suggestions on products they would like to buy!

For more information on these tools available at or a personal training session please sign up at  or email (, to set up an appointment!

Have a productive day!