Capitalize on Holidays!

Are you capitalizing on holiday sales??? This is the week to catch your clients with a little something extra for Mother’s Day.  This is an especially important holiday because … let’s face it men tend to more often be the last minute shopper.

DYK: one of the most popular gifts for many holidays is a gift card?

For Holiday related merchandise for your markets, we recommend non-perishable items, like gift or greeting cards. You can also think outside the box and stock things like coffee mugs, office or car accessories, smaller stuffed animals, manicure kits, etc.  Bonus! If these items don’t sell out for the holiday they can still be relevant in everyday life.

Non-food items are a great add to your market, but don’t shy away from seasonal or limited-edition products from your favorite manufacturers … if they didn’t sell, the manufacturer wouldn’t make them!

As always, if you need help or recommendations don’t hesitate to reach out!

Sign Up for Text Notifications

Sign up for text notification on to receive notification to your mobile device if your kiosk has been offline for 10 minutes or more.

Step 1: Log into your account on


Step 2: Click “My Account” and make sure your phone number is correctly input.


Step 3: Click “Site Admin” and under Store drop down click “Notifications Beta”


Step 4: Check the box and click “Save Changes”


Let us know if you have any questions or need any help! 715.386.2233

Sell The Boss on a Micro Market!

On average a person spends 1/3 of their entire lives at work. Now, 1/3 doesn’t sound like that big of a deal till you look at … the average person works 25-30 years of the average life expectancy (in the US) of 78.74 years. During the half of your lifetime spent working, 60% of your waking time is spent at work!


You deserve a micro market in your workplace. Here’s how you can sell your boss on the idea:

  • Budget Isn’t A Factor!

    As many people know, management is generally MOST concerned with how the budget will be affected. In the U.S., the installation and maintenance of micro market are generally done at NO COST to the business. In fact, a micro market can SAVE a business money.  Here’s how:

    •  Micro markets use less energy than traditional vending.
    • Having healthier, happier employees reduces absenteeism and increases productivity.
    •  A company loses 20 to 60 minutes of productivity every time an employee leaves the building for a break.
    • Companies that implement wellness programs have 28% reduced sick leave and 26% reduction in medical costs.
  • Company Culture: A buzzword or actual tactic!

    In a work world now dominated by the millennial generation, employees are asking how is this company nurturing my work/life balance?  Yes, Work Life Balance it’s a real thing … in the best companies!
    A micro market is more than just a place to get a snack or some lunch. Micro markets offer so much more than the traditional items and have really become the new office “water cooler” spot.  Management can utilize a micro market as an opportunity to reward and engage employees.

  • Working Hungry? Is it worth it?

    Another culture shift in the workplace is employees not taking the time for nutrition. This practice can be detrimental to productivity. Today’s workday is unpredictable and employees spend a lot of time running from one task to another. A micro market resolves many of these issue providing a middle ground for a quick or leisurely breakfast/snack/lunch/dinner/etc.  Here is some stat to support this:

    • 31 million Americans skip breakfast each day which decreases blood sugar and brain function.
    • Having snacks available throughout the day can increase motivation and productivity, and even decrease absenteeism.
    • Employees who eat healthy all day long are 25% more likely to have higher job performance.
  • Upgrade the appearance of your space!

    A micro market can increase the appearance of your business not only to your employees or future employees but to anyone in your space. Let’s face it a bank of vending machines will never be attractive in your space, but a custom, well-designed, and self-branded market will fit in your location and meld in with your locations aesthetics.

  • Employee satisfaction & enjoyment!

    Is there really anything else to say? Increasing employee satisfaction and workplace enjoyment is always worth the change


Creating Your Micro Market Planogram

Here’s an article that is really beneficial to micro market operators everywhere! Although this article is from the Summer of 2014 it’s still relevant to your process.  Take a look!

How to Create Your Micro Market Planogram

By Brad Bachtellejune-mm_11526616

Here Are Some Great Take Aways:

Operator questions continually arise as to how to merchandise and planogram micro markets. What are the difficulties in creating a planogram for a micro market? How do I assign shelf space to new products when I still have older products that haven’t sold? How often should I change my market planogram? Should I have visible prices?

  1. Don’t apply “heritage merchandising” from vending to micro markets. Micro market open shelving allows for a much greater set of product options. A major operator miss-step in micro market merchandising and product selection is to rely upon vending experience as the primary basis.
  2. Planogram development is a two-step process: 1) shelf space allocation based on a space-to-sales calculation and 2) selection of category products, including core and variety/rotational products.
  3. Allocation by shelving type:
    Shelf space allocation is straightforward and begins by analyzing and totaling micro market sales by both major product categories (food, beverages, snacks, etc.) and sub-categories (soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, etc. within beverages; cookies, salty snacks, candy, etc. within snacks). As most product sub-categories have common temperature requirements for all sub-category products (juices are always refrigerated; chips are always at ambient temperature), the second step is to group sub-category sales by the type of shelves (ambient, refrigerated, etc.) on which they are presented to consumers. We now have a total dollar sales level for each shelf type.
  4. For Example, Salty snacks represented 33 percent of total snack sales and candy 28 percent. Accordingly, an appropriate planogram for these markets should initially allocate one-third of the snack shelf space to salty snacks and, similarly, a 28 percent portion of candy. 
  5. It is very important to ease consumer shopping by grouping same-category products together.  Examples: The smaller footprint and space between shelves for bar goods will enable better consumer access by moving their category positions onto higher shelves. Larger graphic items can be easily identified by consumers regardless of their shelf positions, so lower shelf placement makes sense without losing consumer visibility. Gum and mint items are generally impulse purchases, so placement high on shelving units or near the checkout kiosk makes sense to gain that incremental purchase.
  6. Products should always include a combination of core products that are leading, proven items, plus new or variety products that present consumers with options within a category. The general rule of thumb is that core products should represent 70 to 80 percent of category SKUs to ensure strong consistent sales.
  7. It is also important to understand that every top selling product at some point was “new” and that every retailer has at some time added products that have underperformed versus expectations. “New” is okay!
  8. Rotating second-tier brands within a micro market product set will often deliver a sales spike and also make the micro market look “fresh” to consumers.
  9. Draw attention to new products with signage: As operators add new products to their micro markets, there are two options for their location – a separate “new item” shelf area just for such items, or the placement of the new products within their general category shelf space. Whichever approach is taken, new products need to be clearly identified as such to draw attention.
  10. It is important that the slow sellers are identified and “moved out” to allow that shelf space to be used for better selling items. The worst thing is to leave poor sellers in a market to just “sell through.” Once a decision has been made to discontinue an item, do something to eliminate the item from the micro-market within a short time period.
  11. Micro-market planograms need to be adjusted or “refreshed” for two reasons: 1) to keep market product sets looking new and interesting to consumers and 2) to tweak individual location shelf space allocations according to the specific sales and consumer demand at the account.
  12. After about six weeks following a micro market installation, it is important to do an initial planogram review. A category sales analysis on the new market will show the specific consumption pattern for that location. Category shelf space adjustments and elimination of slow moving products can then occur to better offer the location a product set that best matches demand.
  13. It is best to routinely and relatively frequently change the micro market product set to keep the overall micro market and its appearance from getting “old” or “stale” from the consumer’s perspective.
  14.  Market planograms should be refreshed at least every four months to let consumers know their micro market operator is on top of product selection and merchandising.

In Your Face … Nutritional Facts

Maybe you saw our press release?!

Another industry-first feature under our belt, check out our newest add-on, Nutritional Fact information displaying directly on the kiosk.  nutrition-2

This new feature is just one of many new features to be released between now and the NAMA OneShow in April 2017. With industry requirements moving towards complete transparency regarding nutritional information, Three Square Market pushed the envelope to apply this advancement well before regulatory demand.  The addition of a Calorie Consumption feature, to be added in 2017, the wellness initiative options with 32M are top notch.
The 32M nutrition information will be a seamless upgrade for all operators globally, going out in the latest software update.  New markets opened in December will see this advancement from day one.

Have questions? Want to learn more?

Let’s Give Juliana a First Class Welcome!

Have You Met Juliana?55086987-fb53-47f5-8650-c10feeb4b6f0

Juliana is our newest Account Executive. She is the mother of two kids. Juliana loves being
outside and exploring new places. She also enjoys cooking and drawing! You can find Juliana doing anything that enables her to create things with her children. She is currently attending school at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College for Program and Design. It is no doubt that Juliana is up to any challenge! You can reach her by email at or give her a ring at 715.386.2233 Ext.603





Thanks for Keeping Us Young, Interns!

32Market_Web_Logo_Final_Final     newtkclogo.PNG

This Summer TurnKey and 32Market Welcomed 9 Interns Aboard!

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank our summer interns for all of their hard work. For the past three months our interns have pushed us to be better every day. They worked in various areas of both Turnkey and 32Market including Wood-shop, Marketing, Media Production, and Administration. Our companies truly appreciate everything the interns have done. We have enjoyed challenging them while also helping them gain experience. Oh, and we had a little fun along the way! Our companies love working with interns because they are so eager to learn!  We want to thank them for their fresh ideas and positive attitudes. It truly has been our pleasure to work with these driven young interns. We wish them the best of luck this school year, and we hope our paths will cross again in the future!

Meet the 2016 Summer Interns:

Alex Westby- Administration

Charlie Hilger- Wood Shop

Garret Westby- Wood Shop

Jacob Dickmeyer- Wood Shop

Kaitlyn Timmins- Administration

Kayla McMullan- Media Production

Lexi Klein- Marketing

Sam Capistrant- Wood Shop

Sam Westby- Wood Shop

Patrick Murphy- Wood Shop

The Interns were presented with a card & a cake to celebrate their hard work!
Alex Westby and Kaitlyn Timmins spent some of their summer working on 32Market decals.

Don’t Miss These Software Release Notes!

Website 1.49 and Kiosk V.23 Release Notes

The following changes are included in the upcoming release. For the full release notes click here. For additional information please contact us at

Kiosk Message Start and End Date

Kiosk message can now have a date range applied to coincide with a coupon or other promotion

Smarter Ordering- Additional Inventory Intelligence

Automatic ordering has become even smarter! The system will now take a snapshot of past sales data to estimate which items will sell between your order and delivery date, to keep you closer to a truly full market.

Multiple Store Option for Cash Box Reconciliation 

You will now be able to select multiple stores for your cash box reconciliation rather than running the report for each store.

Open Cash Tills Report

Using this report you will be able to see what your cash boxes currently list for a total amount in real time. To use this report go to: Site Admin> Reports> Accounting Reports> Cash On Hand

Global Inventory Update

You will now be able to select a specific date to review your inventory information for that specific time. This feature even allows you to select a date in the past to see the previous state of your inventory. To Use this report go to: site Admin> Store> Inventory Levels> View Current Inventory

Items Sold

An added report to allow you to quickly see an inventory list of items sold based on your timeline. To use this report go to: Site Admin> Reports> Item Sales

Reward Date Extension Resolution 

We have fixed a bug that caused the end date to not save properly in the Rewards page.

“Theft” Added to Profit and Loss Report

Theft data has been added to the profit and loss report. Theft and Spoilage options have also been added to the warehouse inventory, previously available under store inventory.

Profit and Loss Report

You now have additional options for invoice fields on your summery report.

We’re On The Move!

Three Square Market and TurnKey Corrections are packing up and moving to River Falls, WI!  A new facility is currently being built in River Falls. The new headquarters is expected to be finished this winter. The headquarters will include a state of the art building, with a new warehouse, more office space, conference rooms, fun benefits such as an exercise room for all employees, and so much more!


With our companies growing fast, we knew it was time to expand our facilities. To get the ball rolling we held a groundbreaking ceremony that took place on May 23rd, 2016. 32Market and TurnKey Corrections came together with the city of River Falls to celebrate! Employees, friends, and family gathered to witness this exciting step in our companies’ history. We are excited and honored to be making the move to River Falls! For more updates on the new headquarters check out our Facebook and Twitter pages!


Catch us at the River Falls Parade!

What: River Falls Parade   

When: Today 6 PM

Where: River Falls, WI

Who: TurnKey & 32Market

Join us today in River Falls, WI for the annual River Falls Parade! We have been working for weeks putting together an awesome float using our own materials and our computer aided design and manufacturing! We think you will be impressed. The parade starts at 6:00 PM. This is one of the largest parades around, so don’t miss it! TurnKey and Three Square Market will be giving out candy, frisbees and more! Look for us in our TurnKey and 32Market company shirts. Don’t forget to get a picture with our float and tweet with us live from the parade. For more information about us visit our website or talk to us in person tonight at the parade!

float   parade2