People Buy MORE Food in January?

healthy-holidays-650x-1HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Make sure you are “stocking” (pun intended)  your micro markets correctly this January with these tips and statistics!

  • Top Resolutions are to Lose Weight, Eat Healthier, and Make More Money.
  • 45% of people make resolutions each year.
  • Micro Markets are the perfect solution to keep those resolutions!

Are you capitalizing on these trends? 

What to tell your customers:

  1. Did you know that the average consumer will eat healthier when purchasing from their micro market than from going out to eat?  In fact, our market will list all nutritional information at the touch of a button, leaving no questions unanswered.
  2. Did you know that eating at your work not only save you time and transportation costs but statistically costs less than eating out?
  3. Did you know that having more time to relax during the day can actually benefit goals of weight loss?  Here are the facts.




Happy Resolu-ting???!!!!


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