Why YOU Need To Sell Fresh Food

It’s time to freshen up your market … literally!

People want  to buy fresh food. More specifically, Millennials want to buy fresh food. And as the largest generation in the US labor force, it’s time to get on board with making Millennials happy! According to the Private Label Manufacturers Association, fresh food is number one on their shopping lists. Take a look at these numbers:


Whether you expect them to be or not, Millennials are actually more loyal to their favorite stores than their parents! Impress them by stocking the fresh food they’re craving, and have them always coming back for more … or better yet, recommending your market to others!

But wait! Millennials aren’t the only people we want to impress, right? Of course not. Data actually shows that freshness is “the most important food characteristic to consumers across the board”! Impress them all by incorporating the six foods that are currently trending:


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A recent Vending Market Watch article shows that “three in four consumers are willing to pay extra for snacks made with high quality ingredients” …

… and that “half2of consumers say healthier snacks would motivate them to buy more from specialty snack shops.”

Take advantage of this healthy trend – Fill their bellies with fresh food and they will fill your market with customers!

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