Don’t Miss These Software Release Notes!

Website 1.49 and Kiosk V.23 Release Notes

The following changes are included in the upcoming release. For the full release notes click here. For additional information please contact us at

Kiosk Message Start and End Date

Kiosk message can now have a date range applied to coincide with a coupon or other promotion

Smarter Ordering- Additional Inventory Intelligence

Automatic ordering has become even smarter! The system will now take a snapshot of past sales data to estimate which items will sell between your order and delivery date, to keep you closer to a truly full market.

Multiple Store Option for Cash Box Reconciliation 

You will now be able to select multiple stores for your cash box reconciliation rather than running the report for each store.

Open Cash Tills Report

Using this report you will be able to see what your cash boxes currently list for a total amount in real time. To use this report go to: Site Admin> Reports> Accounting Reports> Cash On Hand

Global Inventory Update

You will now be able to select a specific date to review your inventory information for that specific time. This feature even allows you to select a date in the past to see the previous state of your inventory. To Use this report go to: site Admin> Store> Inventory Levels> View Current Inventory

Items Sold

An added report to allow you to quickly see an inventory list of items sold based on your timeline. To use this report go to: Site Admin> Reports> Item Sales

Reward Date Extension Resolution 

We have fixed a bug that caused the end date to not save properly in the Rewards page.

“Theft” Added to Profit and Loss Report

Theft data has been added to the profit and loss report. Theft and Spoilage options have also been added to the warehouse inventory, previously available under store inventory.

Profit and Loss Report

You now have additional options for invoice fields on your summery report.

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