Don’t Lose Your Employees to the Other Guy!

Breakroom markets have many benefits, but one of the biggest is their ability to help retain employees!  Breakroom markets allow your employees to have access to quick and healthy meals, snacks and drinks 24/7!

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Since breakroom markets are located in the comfort of your business, employees can spend more of their break time relaxing and regrouping, rather than having to drive to a restaurant or gas station for lunch. Employees can return to work faster and more energized than ever before with breakroom markets!

Breakroom markets also contain a wide variety of healthy options. Your employees can enjoy fresh lunches and snacks with just a quick walk down the hallway! From fresh salads and wraps to energy bars and fruit cups, breakroom markets offer it all. Employees can also eliminate the need to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work by purchasing entrees, snacks, drinks, and other products from a breakroom market. Help your employees stay healthy and efficient by installing a 32Market in your building today! 


32M also makes it extremely easy for employees to purchase items from a breakroom market. Customers are able to pay via smart phone application, fingerprint, cash, or a credit card! Customers can also monitor their account 24/7 on our smartphone application.

Let’s make your breakroom market specific and unique to your needs. Retain your employees over meals by offering them a healthy and convenient option with 32Market! Experience all of these benefits in your business and contact 32Market today or visit our website!

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Three Square Market is the leader in break room technology. Follow 32M to learn about tactics that successful vending/market operator use to grow their business and revenue!

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