Royal Vendors’ Premium Warranty for Coolers and Freezers


(Effective for equipment sold on or after 1st March 2016)

NOTE: This policy applies to NEW cooler and freezer units only. Stock service parts are covered under a separate one-year warranty policy.

IMPORTANT: Coolers and freezers purchased under a Royal Vendors Soft Drink Bottler Agreement or a Soft Drink Bottler Price Schedule are NOT covered by this policy. Contact your sales representative or the factory for more information.

WARRANTIES (to the original purchaser and to one end-user, when obtained from the original purchaser)
Royal Vendors warrants cooler and freezer components as listed below from the date the equipment shipped from our manufacturing facility to the original purchaser. Any part covered under this warranty that is determined by Royal Vendors to have been defective within the warranty period after the shipment date is limited to the repair or replacement, including labor, of defective parts or assemblies. Basic preventive maintenance is not covered under warranty.



Note – Labor coverage is effective for one event only for the components covered under our labor warranty policy. Customer must first contact Royal Vendors to make warranty repairs. Royal Vendors will not reimburse customers for labor charges when customers contact their own service providers to make repairs.


  • A cabinet or any part thereof has been subject to misuse or alteration without proper authorization, such as by a third party;
  • Failure is attributable to use of parts or components from a source other than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM);
  • Damage is caused by improper, inappropriate, or inadequate packaging for transportation, handling, or installation;
  • Damage is caused by failure to properly clean or maintain the equipment, or by use of improper solvents, chemicals, or abrasive cleaners;
  • The refrigeration system is subject to unauthorized tampering, cutting, or tapping into lines;
  • Fan blades are damaged or broken by exposure to external objects;
  • Improper, fluctuating or unstable voltage is received from the AC power source (wall outlet), damage is caused as a result or plugging the equipment into an extension cord, or failure is caused by inadequate electrical installation;
  • Accident or damage is caused by fire, flood, other acts of nature, transportation, civil disorder, improper installation, abuse, misuse, or by direct exposure to sunlight, rain, wind, or excessive heat or cold; or
  • The equipment is used in non-commercial applications or in any way other than that specified by the appropriate operation and service manual.

NOTE: In no event will Royal Vendors be liable for loss of use, revenue or profit, or for any other indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages including, but not limited to, food spoilage or product loss.


The first four numbers represent the year the machine was produced.
The fifth and sixth numbers represent the week within the year the machine was produced.
The letters represent the machine’s model number.
The last five numbers are the number of the machine built during that production week.

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