How far you have to go is never defined by ASAP

Read recently an email from someone trying to earn our business and his closing statement was “I will get that to you ASAP”. And I thought about it for a second … You want my business but will get it to me … Eventually? No thanks. 

Now, maybe that ASAP is in five minutes but if you want my business, how about right now? If you want a new deal, what else is more important?  

Often people pursue goals looking at how far they have come. Winners see finish lines not starting lines. Wins are never won by measuring how far you came rather how you finish. And that is where the two analogies come together. 

If you want to finish ASAP, you finish now. You don’t focus on how long you have worked on something rather how much you have left – you want to finish the long trek, do it now, not later. Remove all obstacles because saying doing it ASAP may mean you get the same reaction I gave yesterday – NO thanks. 

Finish and focus on what it takes for greatness. The difference between good and great is often that last step which can be the hardest but is also the most rewarding. Do it now. It will never be easier. 

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