Markets Work!

There are some things you should know about markets:

  1. Markets do work, and they work extremely well!
  2. If you merchandise a market well, launch it dynamically, manage your cost of goods sold, rotate inventory in and out, and bring in the products customers go out to buy, you can be very successful at markets.
  3. Putting vending machine products on a wall does not make it a market – if you want to do this, stick with vending. However, you should know you will need to diligently work to remain successful. In time (and quickly) markets are dominating.
  4. If you aren’t exactly confident in selling technology don’t let this deter you. Ask your system provider for help or hire someone to sell it for you. Talk with us and we will make sure you become polished on this. Why does this matter? Look at #1.
  5. Learn which locations are right. If there is a good location, eventually the decision maker will be ready to say “yes” – Even if the location says “no” today that doesn’t mean they wont say “yes” a couple months from today.

Each system has its key features. We believe Three Square Market‘s is the most advanced … the best! You might think another system is better for you now, but please keep us in mind as time progresses. Why? In summation, our system is exceptional and we will only continue to go up from here.


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Three Square Market is the leader in break room technology. Follow 32M to learn about tactics that successful vending/market operator use to grow their business and revenue!

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