Move Products Quickly

You have your market … now it’s time to sell! In order to successfully move products quickly, you need to pay attention to your market, your products, your customers, and your opportunities. How?

Follow these tips to move products quickly:

  1. Know Your Customers

    What do your customers want? Pay attention to trends in your sales. When you see that one item is selling at a higher-than-average rate, use that knowledge to your advantage. Try pairing those popular items with complementary products to increase sales. (e.g. chips with salsa, bagels with orange juice, phone chargers with earbuds, etc.)
    What don’t your customers want? If a product clearly isn’t selling well, take it out of your market now!

  2. Stock Your Market Based On Your Clientele

    Study your demographics. Who is your clientele? Increase sales, along with customer satisfaction, by adding products that appeal to your customers’ cultures.
    Do not be afraid to try new things! Add charges, cables, greeting cards, over the counter medications, or even hover boards to your market! Be creative. Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity: “doing something over and over again, but expecting different results”. Mix it up to find out what works best, to consistently intrigue your customers and to move your products.

  3. Use Coupons and Promotions

    Three Square Market‘s system will allow you to set coupons to move certain products, on certain days, to avoid spoilage or simply run promotions. This will not only increase your units per transaction, but will also prompt your customers to use your market more often. For example, if you have trends of customers purchasing sandwiches and chips during lunch, you can offer “Purchase a sandwich, chips and a drink to save $1”.

  4. Advertise Promotions

    One of Three Square Market‘s features to take advantage of is the Kiosk Message Center feature. Use this to advertise your current promotions right on the screen! Let everyone know what your market has to offer and what they should be purchasing.

32M_New7.15.2014There are a multitude of ways to get products moving quickly and we are here to help! At Three Square Market, we want all of our operators and markets to be successful. Take advantage of our Back End Management system – we run your back end for you and prepare you with all of the tools you will need to become a success. Seek out our training opportunities! We will answer any questions you have. Don’t have a specific question in mind? Brush up on techniques and training – Schedule an appointment with our expert staff by CLICKING HERE.

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