Market Tools You Should Be Using

If you’ve heard about Three Square Market, you know we pride ourselves as the best option in Break Room Market technology. Some of the primary products we offer include our in-house designed software and kiosks, our industry best mobile application, affordable options, biometric fingerprint technology, real time reports, automatic updates, and customizable options. We also offer a wide variety of tools and services to help you get your market(s) up and running, and to ensure the success of each of our clients – as you grow, we grow!

The best business decision you can make for your market is to utilize all of our tools and services as a guide for success. They are designed to help you manage your market(s) in the most efficient and effective way. Of course, there is no one set of instructions on how to become successful – we believe each market can be different and unique to each specific location. A major factor in creating an outstanding market is to give it an individual look. You might not know that 32M offers assistance in your market design (in a few different ways)! One excellent service to take advantage of is our Market Mock Ups. Our exceptional marketing team has the ability to put together a computer image of what your market can look like, offering a visual aid in the decision making process. All you need to do is email us at with your market measurements and a list of the equipment you want included in your market.


You might also want to invest in our customizable marketing materials. Our most beneficial option is to purchase a Launch Marketing Packet (pictured below), available on This packet includes two large banners (one standing, one hanging), two “how-to” posters, a mobile app poster, 100 welcome rack cards, and a customized email for your distribution. Each piece is customized to your specific business and market. Individual marketing pieces are also available for purchase. Keep in mind that marketing efforts introduce and promote your products and services, help establish customer relationships, and give your business a competitive advantage. (Watch for our upcoming post: Why Market Your Market?)


To learn more about 32M’s tools you should be utilizing, contact us at, call us at 715-386-2233, or schedule an appointment with our expert staff by CLICKING HERE.

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Three Square Market is the leader in break room technology. Follow 32M to learn about tactics that successful vending/market operator use to grow their business and revenue!

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