The “Healthy Food” Kick…

Have you ever thought why is everything in the grocery store organic these days?

Welcome to the new world of food products! Labels like Organic, GMO-Free, Gluten Free, All-Natural are fetching a higher price, and consumers are searching for these items.  Forbes, Nancy Gagliardi writes, “Global sales of healthy food products, in fact, are estimated to reach $1 Trillion by 2017, according to Euromonitor.” Gagliardi goes on to describe past food fads such as “Oat Bran” and “Low-Fat,” but describes this trend having long-lasting effects on consumer behavior.

Nielsen’s 2015 Global Health & Wellness Survey suggest consumer buying trends have changed, for the spendier. Among all demographics, 88% of surveyed persons are willing to pay more for healthier food.  But don’t count out your market staples just yet, Gagliardi writes, “While the food giants are taking big bets on health, the survey also points to something countless marketers already know: Consumers can be fickle. ‘There’s always a bit of a disconnect with consumers. As it relates to diet, however, there is an aspirational component, and that’s consistent. But there’s a balance, too.’ In other words, they want healthy and indulgent products. So large fries and diet soda will probably still be on the menu.”

The organic movement roots date back to the 1920s, but with the recent dramatic increase in availability it’s clear organics have gone to a new level.  Why now? Information. Because of our clear, fast, up-to-the-second (thanks Twitter!) means of gathering information we are a more informed society than ever. What effect does this have on Break Room Markets? Good question! Personally, it means that instead of my very favorite Cherry Coke … most days I would choose a Fruit Punch Simply Juice.

What’s the bottom line? Keep your standards, but don’t be afaid to incorporate something new. Survey your consumers and test products with them.  Remember today’s consumer is informed, knowledgable and likes to be treated as such.

Check out the full Forbes article here:

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