Let’s get some facts straight

I talked with one of our great 32M distributors today and heard something that at first ticked me off but then actually was flattering.  He told me one of our noble competitors said “32M isn’t going to be around much longer”.  REALLY?  My brother in law Todd, his brother Tim, and myself …. laughed.  We are 100% privately held, no outside investment, completely self built, self funded, company.  We have ZERO outside stockholders.  We are the decision makers and guess what?  We are not going anywhere, we are not for sale and we are in the middle of a record year.  We have a phenomenal group of employees, we just added two very large jails and have nearly 4,000 more inmates set to install between now and the end of January.  We have a new patent application pending on another new enhancement to our micro market system, we are adding three new major features to our jail system in the next 60 days, and our supply company is now launching a major new initiative with Vistar that is sure to change how people look at both our supply company and 32M.  Add to it, we have a few major game-changing features set to roll out in our market business and a major new product in our jail business coming out in early 2016.

So, when you saw “32M won’t be around” really maybe what they meant is that yes, they won’t be in our rear view mirror much longer.  Yes, two competitors are currently bigger than us in the market business.  But we are rapidly gaining on them and with some of the relationships set to launch, that gap is going to close even faster.

Here is a nugget for you: You have a great kiosk.  We like it and yes, we have duplicated some of its’ features.  Pay a compliment instead of selling smoke and mirrors.  Sell the facts of your system and if you can’t, please as an operator, don’t buy in to the nonsense.  I will say this, I saw Jim Britton today at a convention – I would work with him if you didn’t work with 32M because of his passion for his business.  Or I would spend the time with the folks at Breakroom Provisions – good people with a good product – before I would spend five seconds with people who resort to these sales tactics.

Last, we were the first with many things but we weren’t the first to market.  Kudos to Jim and Joe and others for setting the stage for others like us to jump on.  Now let’s stick to the facts as we move ahead.

We take a great deal of pride in how we built our company, who we are, our great employees, clients and more.  We are not going anywhere.  We look forward to competing for the next several decades in all of our businesses and those to come.  In the meantime, research the facts and if you have a question, ask one of our great distributors, our employees, or me.

Create success today at every opportunity.


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