Mystery Solved!

When I think of fingerprints the first thing that comes to mind is a crime scene. Fingerprints solve the mysteries.

BUT! By using fingerprint recognition on our 32M kiosks, a crime scene is the last thing you will have to worry about! 

Fingerprint recognition is used as a form of biometrics, to identify a person. By adding this technology into our kiosks, it creates extra security for your customers.  The only person who can access an account is the one with the matching fingerprint – and as I’m sure you know, no two fingerprints are the same!


Want a more in-depth description of our biometric fingerprint scanner? Here you go!

Establishing a strong identity is essential to an effective identity management program. Without this foundation, the integrity of any issued credentials can be compromised. One way to ensure a strong identity at the time of enrollment is to choose a solution that inextricably links the enrollee to the credentialing data captured. Crossmatch offers a complete line of enrollment and livescan solutions that help you meet the demands of your identity management program, including security, cost of ownership and individual privacy. Offerings include solutions for mission-oriented applications, which automate workflow so personnel in high-risk environments can manage the enrollment process while maintaining awareness and control of their surroundings, a web-based solution which allows you to enroll employees, members and other authorized users located in multiple remote locations — with no locally stored PII (Personally Identifiable Information) for improved privacy and security and other enrollment solutions designed specifically for vertical applications, such as banking and law enforcement.

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