Get Your Business *Booming* this Independence Day!

Did you know, the first Independence Day was celebrated on July 8, 1776? The official signing took place on August 2, that year, but July 4 was not officially declared a holiday until 1870, almost one hundred years later! Get your business “in” with Independence faster than the holiday did…

Using a Three Square Market gives you the opportunity to be your own boss and to build your  business. With our solution, you can create business independence by setting your own schedule, setting your own prices, and setting your own salary. Offer your clients more independence, as well, by presenting to them our self-serve kiosks.

Here’s something we found interesting:

The history of fireworks dates back thousands of years to China, during the Han Dynasty. People believe that the first firecrackers were pieces of green bamboo. When dry fuel ran out, causing a fire to die down, people threw the bamboo into the fire. Green bamboo grows so fast that it creates pockets of air and sap, which POP when they are heated up. The loud noise scared the people and their animals so badly, that they decided to continue using these bamboo chunks in fires, each year, on the Lunar New Year. They did this to scare away an evil spirit, Nian, who they believed ate crops and people. Later, they also used it for other special occasions. The Chinese people called the bursting bamboo “pao chuk”.
You can have your business BOOMING, like the first fireworks, by using a Three Square Market!


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