Always Be Selling

Many challenges on the biz world are cured by one thing: new business. Lose a customer? Replace em. Lose a product? Sell a different one. Margins slim down? Sell a new client. Having a lousy day ? Make a sale before the day ends.

With our goals for our respective businesses for 2015, whether you be an operator, a distributor, or 32M, profitability and success starts with sustained and growing top line revenues. Thus, when you look at your plans for growth in 2015, in cannot be something you look at doing “when you have time”. It isn’t something you look at doing “when you are close the area”. It is something you do daily.

You plan your day around growth. You need to look for opportunities first that are long-hanging fruit such as managing your inventory and using the 32M back end system to tell you which products to bring, up the max on, and which products to drop from a market.

Next, you consider your well-performing markets and do the #1 thing in sales that makes the next sale easy: ask for a referral. Who does your clients know that would have interest in a market? Which networking group does your HR contact belong to? Does the business owner belong to the local rotary? Which neighbor in the business park or office building would flourish with a market? And, which employee at one of your sites has a friend, a family member, a spouse, who works someplace that your end user customer can set you up with a lead to?

If you are thinking you have worked your tail off on trying to develop new business and it isn’t bearing fruit, then change your program. Develop a referral program right from one of your best clients, the actual user. A $200 32M gift card for a successful lead….do you think that might get you some referrals?

At days-end, you need to get outside your comfort zone and remember, your top line dictates your bottom line. Without that top line revenue figure moving upwards, the rest of your business becomes non-stop efficiency management which in the end, is boring and doesn’t bold well for future profits.

Need some sales insights – call me. I am always glad to help.


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