Dead End Signs Don’t Exist on the Road to Success

Ever driven through the Rockies, especially in rural areas? How did we settle the West? No mountain or gorge became a road block. Yet, people find reasons daily even hourly to say they can’t get something done.

1) Computer is down
2) System is down
3) No cell phone reception

And these are just today’s modern conveniences. Most roadblocks are on the six inches between your ears. Get off your tail and make it happen.

If you lost reception, plan better so you don’t. Computer down, get a new one. Customer won’t buy? Offer a different product, price, voice or find a different one. But take some action to do something. Sitting and hoping is like sitting at a stop light praying the light won’t turn green because you don’t want to go to that appointment.

Get off your tail and make it happen because the world wasn’t settled because people paid attention to Dead End signs.


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